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Flying Stars Unfavorable Combinations


Flying Stars unfavorable combinations

Some Flying Stars combinations are not something we would like to have at our homes or business.

Because, when in bad company, certain Stars can start behaving very badly, creating obstacles and problems to the occupants…

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Flying Stars Special combinations


Flying Stars special combinations


Flying Stars don’t influence our properties and lives just by their individual qualities. They also affect us by their mutual interactions.

Certain Stars just like have special relationship, and when in each other’s company, they

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Flying Stars Favorable Combinations


Flying Stars favorable combinations

Some Stars are in the current Period (Period 8, 1984-2023) more favorable than others.

Also, certain Stars are stronger in this Period comparing to others.

The most favorable Stars are 1,6,8 and 9. Star 4 follows

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Flying Star 9 Purple

In the Flying Stars system, each Star rule certain 20 year Period. When it comes to the star 9, its time is getting close, and it will get the crown from 2024. However, you don’t have to wait until 2024

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Flying Star 8 White

Flying Star 8 White

(Only serious, please)

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flying star 8 white

If there would be the queen of the Nine Flying Stars, Star 8 would be the one. It is the most desirable Star in this Period, and we all

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