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Zurich introductory Feng Shui & Ba Zi courses!

Zurich introductory Feng Shui & Ba Zi courses

Intense Feng Shui & Ba Zi Introductory Course
(Two comprehensive courses packed in three intense days)

zurich introductory feng shui ba zi courses

If you ever wondered what real Feng Shui was about and if you were considering learning more about this ancient system, Althea’s Classical Feng Shui studies might be illuminating and life changing experience for you!

Regardless of your current knowledge and the ways it was acquired until now, it is certain that Genuine Feng Shui Mastery Formula 1-4 will enable you to get the competence into the actual practice.

Start your Genuine Feng Shui studies with three day Intense introductory Feng Shui and Ba Zi course, scheduled for November 2017 in Zurich, and conducted in English by Althea personally.

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Feng Shui studies for practitioners, scheme from 2017

Feng Shui studies  Mastery formula for practitioners 1-4

  • Elements, Stars and Guas: intense Feng Shui foundation course (with full Ba Zi introductory)
  • Opening Prosperous Doors: Feng Shui for practitioners, modules 2, 3
  • Mastery Formula: Feng Shui for practitioners, module 4

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