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Feng Shui activations

The basic rule for every activation is simple: awaken the location to benefit from its auspicious energy.
In order to perform an activation, you need to have a scaled floor plan divided into 28 locations, also known as the “twenty-eight mountains of Feng Shui” (you can download the document for free in pdf form from ).

Feng Shui and other activations in 2022

Besides the aforementioned four special locations, also known as the “four kings of annual activation”, there are also some other locations we can activate in order to trigger  specific types of luck.

Feng Shui and special locations in 2022 (1)

Knowledge of the four special locations has long been a well-kept secret of Feng Shui.

Only experienced practitioners traditionally knew how to find them and how to exploit their potentials.
Today, however, everyone can make use of these four locations.

Feng Shui and flow in 2022

How can Feng Shui help us get in tune with the flow of the best energies in 2022?
The key is in how we use locations and personal directions

Feng Shui and Nobleman

We sometimes underestimate the value of having wise people around, especially because they could provide us with valuable advice, guidance, and help. Attracting such individuals is precious, because they can help us improve every aspect of our life, as they can aid our personal growth and development.