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Feng Shui West 2019

Flying Stars West 2019
West 2019



movement & creativity


Those occupying the property with main entrance in West should expect a very active year. The Star 1, which resides in West during 2019, also brings travel opportunities and this will work particularly well

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Feng Shui Northwest 2019

Flying Stars NW 2019
Northwest 2019


Northwest 2019

optimism & discipline


For those having a main entrance in Northwest, the year of 2019 may improve their moods and increase the energy – tough these improvements will also come with more pressure.

Accordingly, the eldest

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Feng Shui East 2019

Flying Stars East 2019
East 2019



authority & conflicts


When it comes to the properties with main entrance in East, its residents should expect more pressure and load of responsibilities in 2019. The benevolent nature of the Star 6 is challenged in East,

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Feng Shui North 2019

North Feng Shui 2019
Flying Stars North 2019



Peach Blossom & Tai Yang location


After experiencing a series of unpredictable development and hardship in 2018, those who live in properties with the main entrance in North can look forward to a much better

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Feng Shui Southwest 2019



slowing down


Residents of the properties with the main entrance in Southwest will be under the major influence of the Star 5, which typically brings delays and hardship. Being the messenger of slowing down and obstacles, this Star may

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