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Flying Star 8 White

Flying Star 8 White

(Only serious, please)

flying star 8 white
flying star 8 white

If there would be the queen of the Nine Flying Stars, Star 8 would be the one. It is the most desirable Star in this Period, and we all love to play with it, hoping to get a part of the Wealth Luck it brings.


Star 8 White is the timeliest one, and the most vibrant Star during Period 8 (which ends in 2024).

Known as the Current Prosperity Star, Star 8 is related to the wealth and prosperity that comes from hard work, commitment and persistence.

Along with Wealth Luck, this Star also brings firmness, steadfastness, patience and loyalty.

The Star’s related body parts are the back, hands and fingers. Star 8 represents young men, young boys and the youngest son in the family.


Unfortunately, even the most beneficial Stars may be afflicted, and when this happens with Star 8, it can affect the spine, causing acute or chronic back problems.

Star 8 is also known to cause health issues in the young children, especially boys, which can be also accentuated when there is Sha coming from the direction of this Star. Afflicted Star 8 can also deliver issues related to withdrawal, betrayal and the lack of self-respect and initiative…


The related Trigram is Gen (Mountain), the Element is Yang Earth and the direction is Northeast.


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flying star 8 white
flying star 8 white


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