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What’s Feng Shui?


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a natural science which studies the Qi energy of the landscape, surroundings, and properties.

Careful evaluation of the Qi quality is essential, because this is what decides between occupants’ health or illness, happiness or dissatisfaction, and success or failure.

Harnessing the energy of the landscape was the original job of Feng Shui, which also brings about the greatest benefits.

However, finding a location with abundant energy – and then designing and positioning a property so that it can absorb the best of Qi – is a type of consultation which is nowadays reserved for the owners of properties in natural environments.

For all other homeowners, the improvements can be employed only within certain boundaries that come with the majority of contemporary properties. These boundaries are not only defined by landscape and surroundings, but also by regional laws and regulations.


Althea Feng Shui Feng-Shui-Characters-150x150 Wind and Water 

Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”.

The term “Feng Shui” was first used by Guo Pu (276-324AD), in the Book of Burial (or Zang Shu).

In a passage contained in this book, Guo Pu, known as the father of Feng Shui, explains that Qi (energy) “rides the wind and scatters, but is accumulated when encountering water”.

The word “Feng” refers to wind while “Shui” means water, and so Feng Shui (based on Guo Pu’s statement) can be defined roughly as the knowledge of how Qi (energy) collects and dissipates in nature, due to the influence of the main features of the landscape, mountains and water.

Since ancient times, Feng Shui has been used primarily to find the ideal location; a location that is protected from the harsh winds that scatter Qi, and one that is in the vicinity of water.

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Nature is a living and breathing organism

Unlike the static approach of Western geography, the Chinese view of nature saw it as a living and breathing, self-regulating organism.

As humans themselves are an integral part of nature, it is no surprise that the energy of a location will also affect them, determining their overall energy, their accomplishments and prosperity.

The landscape is primarily studied in Feng Shui in order to find those areas that have abundant Qi, or energy, as the more energy that is present in a particular location, the greater the likelihood of prosperity for those who live there.

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Finding the special places

Finding these special places was not always easy, but it was certainly worth the effort, as there were locations that could provide abundant energy to last over several generations.

Throughout the whole process of selecting a site and deciding on the position of the property, a special compass known as Luo Pan was used. This complex device has always been an indispensable Feng Shui tool, not only because it serves as a magnetic compass, but also due to the fact that the rings on a Luo Pan display the inscriptions of the 24 Mountains (or directions) on the Earth, the Heaven and Man plate.

Moreover, Luo Pan also shows the Five Elements, Yin and Yang, the Eight Trigrams, favorable and unfavorable degrees – and numerous important formulas.

With this compass, it becomes possible to not only find the best location in an area, but to also position a property in such a way that will make it possible for its occupants to harness the energy of the location and surroundings.


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Positioning the property

Placing or positioning a property should go hand-in-hand with its design.

This is because positioning the main entrance and other openings and rooms in the most appropriate positions, is a pivotal part of the property’s Feng Shui.

When a property’s potentials have been tapped and when its occupants are using their personal directions, they will discover not only better health, but also improved relationships and prosperity.

Althea Feng Shui feng-shui

Feng Shui is a necessary investment in today’s world


The advantage of Feng Shui knowledge is that it enables us to recognize the hidden potential of every property.

Once we know this potential, it become easier to select the best building or land for a certain purpose (home, shop, restaurant, office, a lot for development, etc.). With real Feng Shui, it is also possible to find the most promising unit in the apartment or office building, and to recognize the best property for specific purposes (restaurants, stationery, furniture shop, etc.).

Furthermore, real Feng Shui knowledge enables us to find the ways to activate, improve, attract, collect, and direct the Qi so that it starts working for the residents and business owners in the long run. Regarding improvements, we always aim towards finding simple solutions because these solutions are also the most efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly.

Selecting the right property, or improving the existing one, is a kind of necessary investment in today’s world.

In such a way, the property is like a hidden partner (life or business) who has its very own character and habits. And, as in real life, it takes a while (a year or two in this case) to see through to their true nature.

Knowing that property is the base for all our accomplishments, it is vital to differentiate between them and find the best space for certain residents or types of business. Feng Shui can help all those who do not want to live in oblivion and would not want to wake up one day to find out that their life or business partner is not as loving, supportive, healthy, or lucky as they believed them to be.

In real Feng Shui practice, we use trusted methods, usually referred to as formulas, to assess the landscape, surroundings, and properties.

A compass is a necessary tool for correct Feng Shui implementation, because the exact degrees matter in this natural science. Having an accurate scaled floor plan is also required, since guessing is not part of the practice.

In real Feng Shui, it is all about Qi flow which we try to harness, enhance, and direct in accordance with the following motto: “The better the Qi of the property, the better people’s lives and businesses are”!

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