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Flying Star 7 Red

Flying Stars – Star 7

(A little bit of Fun, a little bit of Hurt)


Would you like to have more fun? To go out, socialize and charm others?

If you would, thing about tapping the energy of the Flying Star 7 …

flying star 7 red
flying star 7 red


Star 7 Red was the most beneficial Star during its own reign (1984-2003). Today, it is known as ‘Former Prosperity Star’, and the Star of abuse and violence.


When timely, Star 7 Red can help make people youthful, happy, flirtatious and interested in having a good time. It also helps make people easy to communicate with as well as forming friendships with others, making them very popular in certain social circles.

Star 7 represents young females and the youngest daughter in a family.

The Star’s related organs and body parts are the lungs, large intestine, bones, throat, mouth and teeth.

When afflicted, this Star can cause injuries (to the teeth, and mouth), fire accidents and verbal (gossip, backstabbing) and physical (theft, robbery) abuse and/or violence.

It can also specifically target the youngest female in the family, particularly when there is a Sha coming from the West, the direction of the Star 7 Red.


The related Trigram is Dui (Lake), the Element is Yin Metal.


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flying star 7 red
flying star 7 red

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