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Feng Shui activations

Feng Shui activations

When a certain location contains a special energy, we are able to benefit from its activation (which serves to release this energy).

Activating the four special Stars is a priority for everyone living in apartments, as well as for those whose Feng Shui is not perfect and whose Ba Zi chart shows that they are going through a challenging three-year period. There are many things that can be achieved with activations, from  mitigating the impact of obstacles, to improving the luck of the occupants (this can attract more opportunities for personal and financial growth).

When it comes to choosing which Star to activate, it depends on the Star quality and your personal needs.

You may also want to activate all four of the special Stars, plus some other Stars that you can also benefit from (like Nobleman for relationships, Peach Blossom for romance and popularity etc.).

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The basic rule for every activation is simple: awaken the location to benefit from its auspicious energy.

In order to perform an activation, you need to have a scaled floor plan divided into 28 locations, also known as the “twenty-eight mountains of Feng Shui” (you can download the document for free in pdf form from ).


The most common ways to perform a Feng Shui activation are:

  • Relocating furniture within the location

  • Using fire

  • Using water

  • Using sound

Rearranging furniture is the most common way to perform an activation.

Moving furniture within the Star’s area for a while serves to awaken the location, just as one would shake a sleeping person who has to get up for work. With activation, the point is to be persistent and to allow this awakening to last for at least 15-30 minutes.

You can also use other methods for activation: using sound, fire or water.

(my favorite method is Fire, because it is simple, clear – and effective)

What matters most is to be patient while performing the activation, to be focused – and to make sure to get the right date and location.

*Each activation method (with Five Elements) is well explained in my e-book “Space Clearing for Your Home and Soul”.

*We will support your efforts by providing at least two auspicious dates in our monthly Feng Shui posts on IG and FB.


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