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Flying Star 3 Jade

Among all nine Flying Stars, some are more passive, while the others are more active. When it comes to the Star 3, it is certainly considered to be a strong and very active Star. This Star is suitable for those indecisive who seek to develop their fighting spirit and chase what they want…


Flying Star 3 Jade

(Warrior who never gives up)


Do you need more courage?

Would you like to become more assertive and decisive?

If the answer is yes, then the Star 3 Jade may be the right Flying Star for you…


flying star 3
flying star 3

Star 3 Jade represents courage, ambition, leadership and aggression.

The Star’s related organs are the liver and gall bladder, while the associated body parts are the legs and feet.

When it is afflicted by the landscape or some artificial features in the surroundings, it can make people overly aggressive when it comes to their causes.

When afflicted, Star 3 can also cause injuries and issues with the liver and feet; causing hasty decisions to be made, hostility, conflicts and legal problems.


It can also bring irritability, restlessness and sleep disturbances, making people also more prone towards creating conflicts and fights. Since it represents mature men and the eldest son, when it is strong and checked, it can make these individuals prosperous.

Although this Star is commonly depicted as being malevolent, because of its special relationship with the Current Prosperity Star, it is still considered to be neutral in Period 8 and helpful when it comes to success in sports and certain business ventures.

The related Trigram is Zhen (Thunder), the Element is Yang Wood and the direction is East.

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flying star 3
flying star 3

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