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Flying Stars Unfavorable Combinations


Flying Stars unfavorable combinations

Some Flying Stars combinations are not something we would like to have at our homes or business.

Because, when in bad company, certain Stars can start behaving very badly, creating obstacles and problems to the occupants…


Here are some examples of bad Flying Stars combinations.


1, 2

This combination occurs in properties where the female/s dominate. It may cause problems with digestion, and also divorce.

2, 3

Irritability, disputes, severe disagreements and conflicts are caused by this combination.

2, 5

This is a very unhappy combination that can have a detrimental effect on business, health and safety.

3, 5

This is a combination of fights, disputes and bad calls.

3, 8

This is a hurtful combination for young children, especially boys.

5, 5

This is a destructive combination for everything: health, relationship and money.

5, 9

Accidents and unexpected fights are associated with this combination.


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Flying Stars unfavorable combinations
Flying Stars unfavorable combinations


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