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Flying Stars Favorable Combinations


Flying Stars favorable combinations

Some Stars are in the current Period (Period 8, 1984-2023) more favorable than others.

Also, certain Stars are stronger in this Period comparing to others.

The most favorable Stars are 1,6,8 and 9. Star 4 follows their path as the second in line.


Flying Stars favorable combinations
Flying Stars favorable combinations


Here are the most favorable Flying Stars combinations:

1, 4

This is the Peach Blossom combination; it is favorable for romance and relationships.

This combination can also benefit artists, writers, researchers and students.


1, 6

This combination favors achievers, as it promotes careers and income.


1, 8

This is a beneficial combination for business, research and promotion.


4, 6

Wealth, popularity and art are associated with this combination.


6, 8

This combination involves business and leadership. During Period 8, it can create both money and power.


8, 9

This is a combination that benefits all those who wish to become popular and famous.


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Flying Stars favorable combinations
Flying Stars favorable combinations

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