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Flying Star 4 Green

As you have learned so far about Flying Stars, is that they character differ.

Some Stars’ nature is rough and aggressive, while there are also the Stars which make people more kind and adaptive.


Flying Star 4 Green

(Gentle creeper)

Do you miss the romance? Want to get more social, go out and have a nice time with others?

If the answer is yes, you might really need to activate the Star 4 at your property!


Althea Feng Shui creeper
flying star 4 green


The nature of the Flying Star 4 Green is probably the gentlest and the softest of all nine Stars.

It represents romance, education and literature.

At its best, this Star can bring about great success in the field of research and academia, as it can make people very popular. It is the common Feng Shui practice to recommend activation of the Star 4 with water, for more romance opportunities.


Star 4’s associated organs are the liver and gall bladder, and the body parts are the thighs, breast and chest.

When afflicted (dirty river in its direction, etc.), this Star can help promote adultery, creating relationship issues that may lead to the break-up of a family. Healthwise, this Star may be related to breast cancer, while in business it can promote loose business morals and an “end justifies the means” approach.


Since Star 4 Green also represents the eldest daughter, and when it is afflicted by the landscape or featured in the surrounding, it can particularly affect her.


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flying star 4 green

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