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Nobleman concept in Ba Zi & Feng Shui


Nobleman in Ba Zi and Feng Shui

Nobleman concept is very important not only in Feng Shui and Ba Zi, but also in our life in general.

Since no one is an island, we are all directed to other people

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Chinese Astrology Courses – Testimonials

Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials

Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials


″… Althea’s presentation of the topic is really special! She is very knowledgeable, cultured, calm, patient, attentive and professional, and I have to say that I learned more at just one of her INTRODUCTORY

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Chinese Astrology Consultations – Testimonials


Chinese astrology Consultations – Testimonials


“I came to Althea for a Four Pillars consultation because I wanted to do some forward planning for my business.

I had recently sensed that something wasn’t quite right but I could not put my

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The influence of 24 seasons

The 24 Seasons, or ‘Solar Terms’, are important for the practice of Feng Shui and Ba Zi

Each season reflects the subtle changes in nature and the state of the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water).


24 Seasons –

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