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Mind-Body-Spirit Award

Dear Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology lovers,

We are so excited to announce that Althea’s books Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology have won (Feng Shui) and been named as award finalist (Chinese Astrology) in the European SoulBridge Mind-Body-Spirit Awards (January 29, 2018).

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Let’s say you are a property developer, or that you work for a property development company…

We know that your business is very complex and multi-layered. You typically work on multiple projects and need to manage numerous companies and individuals who work for you. On top of everything, your business is hugely affected by the global economy. You want your projects to run smoothly, just as you’d like your customers to conveniently appear on your doorstep… right? But is this possible? Is there some sort of magic wand that can help manage and grow your business?

Maybe there is… but we can offer something even better! We can help your business in TWO important ways, ensuring that your business space is able to support your company’s goals. We can also help with the smooth development of your projects by using Real Feng Shui design! And finally we can help you reach out to those who are wanting to settle down into their new Feng Shuied home!

 A property developer’s guide to the effective use of Feng Shui

Property Development is probably one of the most challenging businesses – it involves taking huge risks in the creation and renovation of real estate – but it also gives the greatest rewards. The work scheme of a developer is wide and complicated and they typically work in busy and pressurized environments, dealing constantly with tight deadlines. While it may appear that they have everything under control, like any other business, this one also needs help with creating supportive workspace and designing properties which will attract buyers!

There are TWO basic ways a Real Feng Shui expert can help in the property development business:

  1. We can help in designing, selecting and improving the Qi flow within the property developer’s workplace.
  2. We can apply real Feng Shui as part of Property Development projects.

Feng Shui for a property developer’s workplace

The location of the seat of your company is important. This is because for a truly amazing workspace and to have great work done from there, Feng Shui is essential. In a Feng Shui consultation, we first have to learn more about every aspect of the workflow process. This helps us to come up with the best possible solutions. We will discuss our solutions with the relevant key individuals, architects and designers, to find the best ways to implement our suggested improvements. When carried out properly, Feng Shui will enable ease of movement as well as promoting productivity and communication.

When it comes to the design of a new workplace, we typically fit into modern, sustainable and ergonomic office design. This is because integrating different aspects of space is important to us. Our goal is to incorporate exterior views into the layout design, as well as combining our solutions into the décor, which reflects the company culture while also promoting the employee’s sense of wellbeing. We always pay special attention to the placement of executive offices, as we want to provide them with the ideal desk position and facing direction, thereby boosting their efficiency and results. We can also calculate the optimum locations for outdoor pools and fountains, as well as indoor aquariums and fish tanks. (Water features are very important as they strongly influence wealth and sales).

Feng Shui for property development projects

Feng Shui can be applied to the design of individual estates. It can also be employed for bigger projects in accordance with the developer’s ideas, city plans, the client’s profile, etc. Incorporating real Feng Shui into property design is a smart move, not only because people just love to buy properties that have been Feng Shuied but also because it will positively affect the overall development of the project.

In property development projects we first want to find a way to harness the energy of the landscape and surroundings, through well thought out placement of the property. Next, we will position the main gate in the best possible location, carefully designing the access roads and driveways, as these are important conductors of energy. We can provide significant support to the overall project design by providing basic layout guidelines for each individual unit, in accordance with the clientele.

Most importantly, in everything we do, we strive towards implementing systemic, realistic and logical solutions that will provide benefits to both the developer and their clients. A Feng Shui consultation should precede any architectural work and design. This is because as Feng Shui experts we always know WHY we want to place something – or someone – in a specific location. Also, there are some degree readings which are not ideal for the position of the main entrance or a gate; a property that lies on these lines will experience  much slower sales and an extended construction period, creating more delays and increased expense.

When it comes to outdoor water features, placement is vital! Water is a powerful generator of Qi energy and it can enhance sales and provide fast returns. Moreover, keep in mind that people just feel good about buying property that has already been Feng Shuied, which is always the best recommendation for the next development project!

In Feng Shui, it all depends on – Qi

The success experienced by individuals and also within a business basically comes from Qi energy and its flow. When there is Qi and when it flows smoothly, the occupants of a property will thrive and business will expand. Real Feng Shui practitioners know how to harness the available Qi from the location and the surroundings, just as they know how to enhance it when necessary. We are able to achieve this goal through the precise positioning of doors, windows and the careful placement of water features. We also know where to position the gate and how to design the access roads and driveways to optimize the flow of Qi within the estate. Harmonious Qi flow is also important when it comes to each individual property and unit. This is why we design a property carefully, placing the entrance and allocating rooms thoughtfully. Knowing that we all depend on Qi for our overall wellbeing, we do our best to promote the best sources of Qi for our clients and help improve its flow. Sometimes just a simple adjustment will determine success.

If you want to find out more, be sure to check out the following books: 


© Althea S.T.

author, real Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology expert


Did you know that SOME office buildings and offices are better than others? Have you ever considered the difference between a GOOD and a GREAT office? Would you like to have your desk in a location that is RANDOM… or SUPERIOR? Because all these factors secretly determine not only your PERSONAL level of accomplishment but also your overall BUSSINESS success! Read more about some of the obvious and also the HIDDEN factors involved in achieving an amazing office! Althea S.T. will show you how to create a great office and make it work for you!

Some Hidden and Nine Obvious Factors of a Great Office

Smart companies understand that offices are not just workspaces but that they are also important business tools.

While the main goal for office space design IN GENERAL is efficient space utilization, it is also important to find – or create – a workplace which will fit into the company’s requirements. An ideal contemporary office also incorporates the company’s culture, brand and values and this is typically achieved through overall design and careful allocation of functions.

However good design alone is sometimes just not enough. What we typically don’t recognize is that a truly great office, regardless of its size or the grandeur of the company, is also under the influence of other hidden factors, which fall under the sphere of Feng Shui. So… some workspaces might look amazing but eventually the business will fail; on the way they’ll experience constant issues with employees and/or clients, or have to deal with recurring legal problems, etc. This is where real Feng Shui can help companies to make informed decisions about the layout, overall design and the placement of important offices and desks. This is typically done as part of a consultation, letting the hidden potentials of the property be unlocked, promoting Qi flow and helping important individuals within the company to achieve excellence.

In order to understand how to create a truly GREAT office, let’s review all the most important elements:

Design matters: goodbye grey and cubicles, welcome flexible design

We all know that appearance does matter; hence good design is a very important part of every great office. The days of grey and dull workspaces, with segregated offices, partitions and cubicle-style desks are definitely gone. (Thanks to studies and practice showing their detrimental effect on productivity and creativity). While earlier research tipped open plan as enabling interaction and collaboration, this model is also under scrutiny these days simply because of the overexposure to everything that is going on in the workspace. This can be in conflict with the requirements of particular businesses and business roles – especially where privacy and being able to focus is important.

The design of modern office environments is progressively moving towards flexible spaces; those which promote collaboration and creative work and which can be adjusted to quickly fill different requirements. From a Feng Shui point of view, this type of design also promotes the flow of energy Qi.

Company identity

Corporate identity is important and luckily, there are many ways to apply it in an office environment. Company image can be introduced via the building itself, as well as through certain design features, colors, logos, wall murals, pictures or even statement pieces of furniture. While some companies have their own approach, the possibilities are endless and are limited only by the creativity of the designers.

A personal & homely feel

Employees are part of the company, but they are also distinctive individuals. Every smart company wants to improve employee satisfaction, morale and productivity, and this can be done by encouraging them to add some personal and/or inspirational items within their workstations. Since achieving a homely feel at work can contribute to their job satisfaction, this is where plants, fish tanks and aquariums can help.

T for Teamwork

Companies are well aware of the importance of teamwork and typically encourage communication, information exchange and working in teams. However for a team to work more effectively there has to be some kind of closed space available for this purpose. With flexible office design this can be quite easy to accomplish.

Different types of businesses = different requirements

Every business is specific, with its own phases and workflow. Accordingly we wouldn’t want to use the same design in a property developer’s office (which is bursting with a variety of different activities) and a software developer’s office (where silence and focus are vital). Moreover in some office buildings coordination between equipment, departments and personnel is of the utmost importance and can have a huge affect on the overall results. Therefore the definition of what constitutes a balanced space will differ from business to business; there is no template for the ideal layout. Instead success comes more as a result of the careful evaluation of both the business and the space.

It’s never too late for sustainability

Fortunately, creating eco-friendly spaces is becoming a standard and more and more companies are committing themselves to improving sustainability. Sustainability starts with hiring an expert in sustainable building and insulation materials, and then continues through to using recycled furniture, the installation of automated lighting systems, using energy-saving computers, establishing paperless offices, etc.

Let the light and view in!

Whenever available, natural light and a nice view should be incorporated into the overall design of a workspace. An amazing view should always be included because this will provide more energy Qi, which will in turn inspire the employees, boosting their enthusiasm and productivity. When it comes to natural light, there is really no substitute. However while we mostly all prefer to make best use of any natural light that is available, we still need to create appropriate artificial lighting. Light is important, not only because it helps employees stay awake and productive but also because it has a positive affect on their mood and overall levels of satisfaction.

Healthy lifestyle – for healthy employees

Companies and employers in general are becoming aware of the need to encourage healthy behavior in the work environment. This is because they know that it will reflect positively on enthusiasm and motivation levels. Incorporating a gym, as well as communal areas with a relaxed environment into the workspace, helps promote not only a healthy lifestyle for the workers but it will also encourage socialization, team building, informal meetings and so on. Bike storage for staff who cycle to work has already became the norm in modern offices, however creating a healthy environment can be expanded even further; providing healthy snacks, nutritional consultations, fitness classes, etc. Ergonomic office furniture is a very important element in creating healthy workspaces as ergonomic chairs and comfortable workstations can help in improving the overall health and productivity of staff by soothing any back, neck and hand pains that are often related to certain types of jobs.

Healthy office spaces also imply reducing the impact of noise and heat; air quality can be improved not only by using air purifiers but also with certain types of plants. NASA’s Clean Air Study showed that keeping an English ivy plant on your desk supports better focus due to its ability to absorb benzene, which is commonly found in office equipment. Other plants such as Boston fern, spider plant, peace lily, etc., are also good at absorbing pollutants thereby contributing to the creation of healthy office design.

Power to the key people

There is no doubt that most corner offices are well deserved; being on the executive floor is a matter of hard work and commitment and not just coincidence. Consequently, the workspaces of key people within an organization should help to support their decision making processes, just as they should reflect their position and the company culture.

Appearance-wise, the style of the overall office design should be selected in accordance with the executive’s personality. However this should also be enriched by touches of warmth and personalization, which will help to make visitors feel welcome. Along these lines it is accepted that the executive having a larger office chair clearly states who’s in charge, but there are also some invisible signs of power which should be taken into account. This is where real Feng Shui can significantly help to create a great executive office, which will be in tune with the individual’s position and personality; where the position of the desk and the facing direction will be carefully selected in order to support authority, growth and progress!

Some of the hidden factors of amazing offices

The fact that the majority of my clients are well educated entrepreneurs and CEOs tells me that most executives have a profound understanding of the significance of knowledge, hard work and specialized services. Companies surely need to help create unique and motivational workspaces that will promote smooth workflow while also encouraging employees to engage more and raise their productivity levels. Designing and/or improving workspaces is a process that includes hiring specialists (Feng Shui experts, architects, etc.), who will study both the requirements of the business and the uniqueness of the property to come up with a design which will bring to life every aspect of having a great office.

With the help of real Feng Shui it is possible to select the most promising office building or to decide which is the best floor or even the unit with the greatest potential. When it comes to designing the layout, it is essential to first decide which is the best entrance and how to allocate rooms (this includes the location of the main entrance as well as the reception and waiting rooms), because this is where the business starts and where the wealth will flow in. When designing a workspace from scratch, we will carefully position the windows and walls; it is our job to know what areas should be left open to promote overall Qi flow and which should be closed. This, amongst other things, depends on the landscape and directions, and this particular type of knowledge is our specialty.

Naturally, some offices are more important than others and these spaces should be suitable for key individuals within the organization as their decisions affect the overall business results. This is why we pay special attention to finding the best office(s) for them and place their desks in the best possible location. We know that certain directions work better than others – so we always look for the best ones! When applying Feng Shui to existing workspaces, we strive to make the most of what is already there. Hence, the very first step in the consultation process is to assess the potentials of the space and the influence of the surroundings. The next step involves finding the most efficient ways to enhance the Qi flow, which may require simple furniture rearrangement and/or finding better places for certain people.

* When I was hired to design the headquarters of one of the largest global corporations, I carefully considered the impact of all of the three main options for positioning the entrance. As you would expect, my 15+ years of practice enabled me to choose the most active one…and this entrance to the corporation will continue to work for the business for a long time. Design-wise, the most appropriate floor plan was a flexible one, which encouraged the team work but also allowed for isolated workstations for both formal and informal meetings. Keeping in mind the high level of decision making within that company, in order to support the overall success of the business, executives had their offices positioned in the best possible locations, and their desks were placed so as to activate their best personal directions. This important process will now support them at all times in their day-to-day work. .

How we carry out our Feng Shui consultation

  1. Real Feng Shui is not about placing items on your desk. So in order to help you select, design and improve your workspaces, we need to know the details of your business.
  2. In order to come up with the best possible design or improvements, we work closely with CEOs, architects, designers and the company’s real estate team and collect and analyze data concerning the workspace.
  3. Our common goal is the design of healthy and inspiring workspaces, which will attract the best employees and promote the business.
  4. In our line of work, we use scaled layouts in addition to Google Maps, a compass and official information regarding local declination. This helps is to assess the potentials of the space and find ways to enhance the good areas of the property.
  5. By using smart delineations of functions and promoting smooth workflow, we are able to create vibrant spaces which will work for both the staff – and the business.
  6. We can definitely find the best location for your office! Just as we can help with positioning your desk and space personalization! The way we support your business might not be very obvious but while out of sight to most, the way we set up your office will not only have a major affect on each individual but also your business. We also very carefully select the best personal directions for the key people in the office; helping them to give their best and make use of their potentials.
  7. Regarding improvements, we will suggest some alterations that can be made in terms of design, as well as changing the locations of their work station for certain people.
  8. When available, we will find the best places for installing outdoor pools or fountains – as well as indoor aquariums and fish tanks). These water features provide depth, help you to connect with nature and make a space more appealing, as well as  enhancing the flow of Qi . All of which have a beneficial effect on your business and profit!

If you want to find out more, be sure to check out the following books: 


© Althea S.T.

author, real Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology expert


Do you know the Real Feng Shui EQUATION for a GREAT life? It’s very simple: THE BETTER THE QI QUALITY OF A PROPERTY…THE BETTER THE LIFE ONE CAN EXPECT. Your home is THE MOST IMPORTANT place where you and your family members renew your energy. Accordingly, it should be, at the very least, a source of good quality Qi. When buying, renting or designing a HOME, consider using real Feng Shui consultants who will make your property work for you… at all times. 

A Real Feng Shui Guide for Home Buyers

(Don’t just choose a good property – find an amazing one!)

Being busy with our lives, we typically forget that we depend on energy – Qi. Qi energy comes not only from our food and the air we breathe but also from the ground, our surroundings and the buildings themselves. Our home is a very basic source of our personal stamina and since we spend approximately one third of our lives there (mostly sleeping and resting), we also absorb the energy of the property. Since our home is THE one place where we renew ourselves, we want it to be a source of good quality Qi. According to real Feng Shui, the equation for a great life is very simple: The better the Qi quality of a property… the better the life one can expect!

In Feng Shui practice it is part of our role to recognize GOOD homes, just as we can spot a BAD one…and the way to differentiate between them. In addition, we are also able to recognize GREAT homes, just as we have efficient and reliable ways to make the most of any property. We know that homes take in external energy and conduct it in accordance with the overall design. We are also aware that this has an effect on the residents. Accordingly, there are some properties that can lift you up, fill you with energy and enthusiasm and make you want to dance and sing; there are also properties which make you feel confined and give you the feeling of needing to get out and spend your time elsewhere.

The thing with properties is that some of them affect us strongly and in very clear and definite ways, while the others influence us silently but persistently. Different properties can have a different effect on different people, and so one property is not necessarily equally good or equally bad for each individual. It can also take a while (at least a year and a half), to see the full impact of a certain space. However, what is certain is that the more we’re exposed to specific properties, the more we are able to feel their true nature, together with all the combined influences of the landscape and surroundings. When selecting or constructing your home-to-be, do keep in mind that you will most probably spend many years there and that your choice of home now will have a LONG-TREM EFFECT on your health, relationships and wealth. And that also includes each member of your family…

You deserve a great home

Selecting a good home is a difficult job, but finding – or creating – a great one is even harder. This is in part because you will be adding even more requirements to a long list which will typically include your preferred number of rooms and bathrooms, a garage/parking space, the desired neighborhood, a huge garden and/or yard, proximity to your workplace and schools, etc. Is this extra effort really worth it?? Of course it is because your HOME project is THE most important choice you will make in your life. This is the one thing that will affect your life significantly, right from the moment you move in!

Accordingly, it is important that you choose your residence carefully – you deserve somewhere that will not only support your health and that of family members, but also assist everyone with achieving their dreams and reaching their potentials. Classical or Real Feng Shui helps people with selecting and/or creating great homes which support the residents in every way possible. When it comes to existing properties, our consultation begins with an assessment of the potential of the property in its current state. This is followed with realistic and logical solutions. We don’t recommend using objects or symbols as we don’t want people to make their homes look like a Chinese restaurant… unless that’s what they really want.

When assessing the energy of a property you are considering buying, you should pay attention to the following:

1. The most important principle involving the influence of the landscape is that everything you see has an effect on you. Hence, pay attention to the view from the main entrance/front door and from every window. Avoid facing narrow passageways, sharp structures, dark and closed-in areas. Also keep in mind that the view can be completely different depending which floor you are standing on (you can see much further from the highest floors), so don’t forget to check the view before making any decisions.

2. It is beneficial to have mountains in the vicinity, as mountains are a natural source of the life energy, Qi. However, keep in mind that any outcrops or extensions should look friendly and lush and should not be pointy with exposed rocks, etc., as this can have a detrimental effect.

3. Water in the vicinity is always a bonus, as water also carries life energy. When situated in the appropriate place in relation to your property, good water can also make you rich and powerful! However, when it is not in the appropriate location it can function like a drain, carrying away anything you want to keep for yourself… The ideal location for water, relative to your property is in the Southwest or East but you should also consider North in order to take advantage of the next period (from 2024).

4. Access roads and driveways also affect the way Qi comes onto the property. Do avoid properties that are entered via a straight road, as well as those in a cul-de-sac – both carry some kind of danger. Moreover, avoid creating access roads that narrow right in front of the property as this limits the distribution of Qi, thereby also limiting your potentials. Do bear in mind that driveways are important; they can bring Qi in as well as take it away!

5. Be careful when it comes to stand-alone properties, especially those on top of a hill or at the bottom of a steep road. When a property is over exposed to abrupt energy it can cause your life (and career; and wealth) to be unstable, bringing lots of ups and downs.

6. When selecting a property close to a huge body of water, always go for either a larger property or a unit in a solid apartment building.

What can a real Feng Shui expert do for you?

  • Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your property placement and overall design (including gates, access roads, pavements, etc.). While there is a small chance that you may unintentionally choose the best location or a great property by yourself, it is always better to not take a chance, and instead rely on trusted knowledge, which has proved its efficiency.
  • When it comes to existing properties, we assess their true potentials, and will suggest improvements which will promote healthy Qi flow and which in turn will help you to live a better life and to add more quality to your existence. Our knowledge of bad and good rooms, and bad, good and great personal directions enables us to provide you with practical solutions, which will work for you at all times. Using a careful assessment of the surroundings and directions, we can also find the best place for your external or internal water features, starting from indoor aquariums and fish tanks to outdoor water fountains and pools, which will all boost your prosperity and influence.

How we do what we do

In our line of work we use scaled layouts, Google Maps, terrain maps, compass readings and official information about local declination. For an off-site consultation, we also require pictures and the date of birth of the residents of the property, in order to come up with best personal directions and ideal bed and desk placements… all of which will continue to work for you at all times!

If you want to be perfectly sure that you’re pruchasing the right home, or you have any doubts related to Feng Shui, find all the answers you seek in these two books:


© Althea S.T.

author, real Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology expert

The Rolex Way

The Rolex Way: Going Where Few Have Gone Before

Rolex is not only the official time-keeper at Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but the company is also a recognized symbol of success and prosperity all across the globe. Individuals everywhere desire this ‘Lamborghini among watches’, hoping that it will improve their reputation and make them into more significant members of society. Not long ago a young entrepreneur confided in me that he will only consider himself to be really successful after he buys himself this expensive toy, reminding me once again of the huge influence of this powerful brand.

With Rolex it is about appearance, performance and precision. However it is not ONLY about these qualities. This brand also tells a story of luxury, prestige and exclusivity. It is world renowned as the largest single luxury watch brand today, and according to a press release, Rolex still produces 2000 luxury watches daily.

Nonetheless, the reputation of the world’s ultimate watch maker wasn’t established overnight. The company was founded in the U.K. back in 1905 and the headquarters were moved to Switzerland in 1919.

From that time onwards, for more than hundred years, despite stiff and growing competition (Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Hublot, Patek Philipe, Piguet, Rado, Longines, Certina, Festina, Frederic Constant, Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin, etc.), Rolex has not only managed to survive but also to thrive!

We are well aware that there is always marvelous Feng Shui behind the success of any business, so I wanted to take a closer look at the ‘Rolex approach’.

When it comes to the Feng Shui of globally successful businesses, it is important to assess their headquarters. Accordingly I recently visited the site of the Rolex headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where I noticed a few obvious things, together with some interesting hidden features.

In terms of the OBVIOUS features, it is very clear that Rolex HQ consists of one very tall, massive green glass building surrounded by lower, irregular-shaped black glass buildings, creating an immediate embrace.

Rolex Way

Five Elements-wise, the tall green building, without a doubt, is a Wood-type feature. Meanwhile the black ones are Water types.

There is a huge Ming Tang in front – a very important feature for great Feng Shui – created by a pool of water.

Since Water produces Wood, the Wood Element becomes prosperous, and this is significant as Wood is the Wealth Element for this industry!

While the shapes and colors seen in all this grandeur may be very effective – the bigger the structure the stronger the effect – real Feng Shui uses prominent landscape features to ensure enduring riches for the client. As you can see in the short video I filmed, there is a mountain in the vicinity of the Rolex complex and in Feng Shui mountains are considered to be important because they can be related to the property, contributing to its ongoing prosperity. In fact they play an essential role in certain formulas.

More importantly, there is also a water mouth nearby, and this is the HIDDEN feature which actually feeds the business.

In certain cases, we use pools of water at the front of a property to accumulate Qi, as well as to attract any Qi which is already present in the environment.

Ideally, we want to match the property’s main entrance facing with the closest Qi mouth; this will provide lasting success for the business.

This was a brief assessment of the Rolex headquarters, which confirmed, once again, that true prosperity can be just a water mouth away by using real Feng Shui…

Rolex HQ checkpoints
(for Feng Shui lovers)
√ Embrace
√ Ming Tang
√ Water
√ Qi Mouth
Facing: Gen
Facing Hexagram: 17
Probable activation of Wu Gui Yun Zai formula