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Feng Shui Introduction

Feng Shui Introduction


Classical Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of positioning buildings and allocating rooms and furniture in accordance to the best Qi (energy) flow.

Historically, Feng Shui was used to orient various structures, including tombs and dwellings, in a manner that would allow tapping the most favorable energy Qi from the ground and surroundings (i.e. prominent landscape features like Mountains and Waters).


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Each site is unique and every building has its very own specifics.

This is a result of a mixture of environmental influences and overall building design, main entrance placement, the direction it receives the energy (Qi) and the time it was built and moved-in for the first time.



Feng Shui: the power of Wind and Water

The term Feng Shui literally translates as ’’Wind – Water’’ in English.

It relates to the ideal site that is sheltered from the harsh winds (that can easily scatter energy, Qi), while being in the vicinity of water (that carries and collects Qi).



Feng Shui Compass – Luo Pan

Feng Shui Compass makes a very important tool in every Classical Feng Shui assessment, for it contains not only information about directions.

Also all other necessary information to read the environment and reveal many visible and invisible patterns.


Sometimes we expect impossible, other times we miss to activate our property’s potentials

Since every property reflects specific patterns that basically determine its overall potentials, it might be very useful if the occupants might learn more of their property resources.

Sometimes we may expect a lot from the property that can neither deliver certain qualities nor fulfill our desires, and the other time we may be completely unaware of the exceptional opportunities hidden in the place we live or work in!


Even when the compatibility of the occupants with the property is poor (one man’s meat might be another man’s poison), it usually turns out that there is always a plenty of space for significant improvements, especially with smart using of specific locations and – directions.

Being the study of how your property affects your life and business, the objective of Feng Shui practice is to improve your health, relationships, career and wealth with the clever utilization of property locations and optimum personal directions.



Why do we need a Feng Shui Consultation?

The purpose of Feng Shui Consultation is that you learn more about how to activate your property in order to make the most of its potentials.

You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui in order to make it work for you; for it already exists and acts upon your life and-or business.


For Feng Shui Consultation fee estimation, please send an e-mail containing basic information about your property, the number of residents/employees and a short description of the business.

Feng Shui Glossary

External Feng Shui

Internal – start from beginning!

Question and Answers – all what You need to know!

A good way to find out about your property’s Feng Shui is to consult or hire a personal Feng Shui adviser to review it and offer customized solutions and packages.

We provide consultations for your Residential and Business property and also have special, tailor-made packages for Property Developers and Investors.

We also offer Annual Feng Shui consultations, with tailor-made property activation dates!


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