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Flying Star 7 Red

Flying Stars – Star 7

(A little bit of Fun, a little bit of Hurt)


Would you like to have more fun? To go out, socialize and charm others?

If you would, thing about tapping the energy of the Flying

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Flying Star 6 White


Flying Star 6 White

(Lead us, general!)


Do you need more authority?

Would you like to boss people around?

If you would, Flying Star 6 may help you to achieve these goals…

We all know some authoritative individuals, who don’t

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Flying Star 5 Yellow

Flying Stars – Star 5

(Up to the sky and back down on your knees)


Would you like to become the ultimate boss? To deal with great risk and to experience great ups and downs?

If you are ready to

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Flying Star 4 Green

As you have learned so far about Flying Stars, is that they character differ.

Some Stars’ nature is rough and aggressive, while there are also the Stars which make people more kind and adaptive.


Flying Star 4 Green

(Gentle creeper)

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Flying Star 3 Jade

Among all nine Flying Stars, some are more passive, while the others are more active. When it comes to the Star 3, it is certainly considered to be a strong and very active Star. This Star is suitable for those

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