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Flying Stars Special combinations


Flying Stars special combinations


Flying Stars don’t influence our properties and lives just by their individual qualities. They also affect us by their mutual interactions.

Certain Stars just like have special relationship, and when in each other’s company, they can bring out some special qualities.

These Special Combinations are also known as He Tu combinations.


flying stars special combinations
flying stars special combinations


There are 4 He Tu combinations: combinations of Stars 2 and 7; Stars 4 and 9; Stars 1 and 6; and Stars 3 and 8.


With special combinations, it also matters where these occur (West, East, etc.).


2, 7

This is the He Tu Fire combination that brings success when it appears in the Southwest, Northeast and South.

When this special combination appears in the West and Northwest, it can cause accidents, injuries and illness.


3, 8

This is the He Tu Wood combination that works best in the South, East and Southeast, where it brings about support and help from loyal people.

When it appears in the Northeast and Southwest, small children may be harmed.


4, 9

This is the He Tu Metal combination that works best in the North, West and Northwest, where it helps create business success.

When it appears in the East and Southeast, it can cause injuries and accidents.


1, 6

This is the He Tu Water combination of intelligence, wisdom and academic excellence, which works best in the East, Southeast and North.

However, when it appears in the South, it can cause harm to the family and the main breadwinner.

Flying Stars special combinations
Flying Stars special combinations

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