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Flying Star 2 Black

The Flying Stars are typically divided into good and bad Stars, although each Star contains the whole spectrum of qualities which can not be necessarily categorized as good or bad. Its influence depends on the property, your own Gua (to calculate your Gua click here) and your bodily constitution.


Flying Star 2 Black

(The depths of the Yin)

Would you like to work with properties? To find investors, to flip or just to sell them?

If you would, Flying Star 2 may be the right one for you…


flying star 2

flying star 2

Star 2 Black is generally considered to be malevolent, except when in its own Period.

It is known as the Star that can damage health, especially of those with weak constitution and health issues.

The most common health complaints that can be related to the Flying Star 2 are spleen, stomach and digestion related, although it is also known for causing fertility issues and even miscarriage.


At its best (in its own Period), Star 2 Black represents stamina, solid health, a strong digestive system and good luck in property.


Since this Star represents the mother, grandmother and older females, when it is aggravated by the landscape or in other ways, it can hurt the female residents, bringing chronic health problems.

Also, afflicted Star 2 can cause property related issues and financial loss due to bad investments.

The related Trigram is Kun (Earth), the Element is Yin Earth and the direction is Southwest.

* When a door, room or office is under the influence of Star 2 Black, this may benefit those in farming, the development or real estate industry.

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flying star 2
flying star 2

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