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Flying Star 9 Purple

In the Flying Stars system, each Star rule certain 20 year Period. When it comes to the star 9, its time is getting close, and it will get the crown from 2024. However, you don’t have to wait until 2024 in order to use – or activate – this Star, especially if Star 8 is not available.


Flying Star 9 Purple 

(Light me up!)


Would you like to be more enthusiastic and active? To find the inner light and to share it with others?

If you would, Flying Star 9 may hold the keys to the fulfillment of your wishes…


The Star 9 Purple is governed by the Fire Element.

flying star 9 purple
flying star 9 purple

The Fire makes this Star the source of optimism, enthusiasm, warmth and passion.

It also makes people more open and generous, as it can promote their social life and visibility.

Its related organs and body parts are the heart and small intestine, tongue and eyes.


When afflicted, this Star can affect the eyes, tongue, circulation and the heart, causing, in severe cases, paranoia.

Star 9 can be also related to addictions, issues with independence and low self-esteem, sexual adventures, scandals and fire related issues.

Since it represents women in their thirties and the middle daughter, when there is Sha coming from this Star’s direction, it can particularly affect these females.


The Star 9 Purple related Trigram is Li (Fire), the Element is Yin Fire and the direction is South.


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flying star 9 purple
flying star 9 purple

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