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Flying Star 1


Nine Flying Stars are bodies of Qi.

Each Star represents certain quality, and we tap their energies when we use specific areas of our space (where these Stars reside).


Flying Star 1

(Communication wizard)


Would you like to travel more? To find benefactors, mentors and other helpful people?

If you would, Flying Star 1 may hold the keys to the fulfillment of your wishes…


Star 1 White represents intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, mobility, fame and recognition.


flying star 1
flying star 1

Accordingly, using this Star will help those who want to travel, learn and gain more respect for what they do.

It is also great for those who make their living through communications, correspondence and writing…

The Star’s related organs and body parts are the kidneys, bladder, blood, the reproductive organs and ears (when strong and not afflicted, it can positively affect the kidneys strength).

When untimely or afflicted, Star 1 can hurt ones’ reputation and intelligence, as well as the kidneys and urinary system, causing sleeping disturbances, blood-related issues, hearing problems and sexual disorders or diseases.


Star 1 represents middle-aged men (in their thirties) and the middle son (when strong, these people prosper). 

The related Trigram is Kan (Water), the Element is Yang Water and the direction is North.


* When a door, room or office is under the influence of Star 1 White, this can assist and support aid those in literary, artistic or creative fields.


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flying star 1
flying star 1

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