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Spring 2017 – Living in accordance to seasons

spring 2017


Spring 2017 -Yang Quality

  • Ascending – upward movement of Qi
  • Natural boost of energy
  • Feeling alive and fresh
  • Infused with optimism & vigor
  • Supports growth & creativity


Wood Element

Color green

Wood related organs:

-Liver (Yin)

-Gallbladder (Yang)

-Tendons & muscles


Spring 2017 – Months





Liver & Gallbladder

Liver is a Yin organ, in charge of smooth Qi flow

– Liver stores, filters and detoxifies the blood

– Liver hours are 1-3 am, but you should go to bed by 11pm, to improve functionality

– Liver is in charge of compassion, benevolence, honesty and feeling free, light and creative

– When Liver is balanced, people are kind, helpful, accepting and generous

– When Liver’s energy is disturbed, frustration, anger, resentment, irritability, moodiness, depression and sleeping disturbances may appear

– Liver is weakest between 1-3 pm

Gallbladder is a Yang organ that affects our ability to make decisions

– When Gallbladder is strong and balanced, people are able to fight for themselves, to take initiative and lead others

– When Gallbladder energy is weak/disturbed, a person might become indecisive, timid and easily discouraged

– This organ provides muscular strength and vitality and it also affects the quality and length of sleep

– Gallbladder energy is at peak between11pm-1am, and it is at its weakest between 11 am-1pm


Spring is a good time to

  • Detox your body and mind & get rid of stagnant energy
  • Rest at night & get up early (to increase Yang)
  • Walk a lot and spend time in nature in order to absorb the fresh new energy of the Spring
  • Stretch the right side of the body, to help Liver her work
  • Find ways to become more proactive
  • Face life, take initiative and start something new
  • Open-up yourself towards life and people


Spring 2017 foods & cooking

– Cook faster and at higher temperatures

– Avoid cold & heavy foods

– Cook with onions, leeks and mushrooms

– Make sprouts, and use seaweeds in broth and salads for cleansing and strengthening your blood

– Base your food on fresh green veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts  

– To increase energy & improve vision, use goji & lichi

– Drink warm lemon juice in the morning, and enjoy chamomile, dandelion and orange peel tea

– To strengthen liver blood, take flaxseed, chia, sardines and/or walnuts…

How to know, love & support your


What is Shen?

– Ultimate human spirit (the emperor of all five spirits)

– The force that animates the body

– The essence of compassion and understanding


Shen is in CHARGE of

  • Consciousness
  • Intellect and mental functioning
  • The sense of awareness and presence in everyday life and every NOW moment
  • Clarity in expressing thoughts and emotions
  • Vitality


The STATE of the Shen is reflected

  • In one’s eyes (dull or sparkling?)
  • On one’s face (pale or rosy?)
  • In one’s speech (confused or clear?)


What else is interesting about Shen?

– Shen resides in one’s heart, the emperor of the body

– It reflects Heaven Qi

– Depends on Jing and Qi

– Retires during night (sleep)

– STRONG Shen results in a strong BODY


What affects the Shen NEGATIVELY?

  • Any kind of exaggeration (sleep, work, sex, emotions, food, drink, sugar, alcohol, drugs, lack of movement…)
  • Trauma
  • Extreme sadness
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Chronic stress
  • Anxiety- Over thinking
  • Resentment
  • Frustration, anger and hatred
  • Lack of understanding, judgmentalism and a demanding attitude


How to NOURISH Your Shen

– Be compassionate, be kind, be benevolent

– Follow the rhythms of nature

– Strive towards moderation (in everything)

– Maintain inner tranquility; learn how to contemplate and meditate

– Promote a sense of community and togetherness, take part in charitable deeds

– Establish and preserve your own sense of purpose

– Have faith in your own life

– Be conscious of your body, thoughts and emotions

– Be PRESENT in every NOW of your life


FOOD for Shen

  • Herbs in affinity with Heart also benefit Shen
  • Red foods: jujube, goji, cherry, strawberries, watermelon, tomato, saffron, beets, egg yolk, red beans, red meat (beef)
  • Ginger, coffee, cumin

Winter – Eating in accordance to the seasons

Winter represents the most Yin season, when energy levels decrease and simultaneously withdraw inward. The Chinese believe that we are what we eat, and accordingly we should adjust our diet to the changing of the seasons. 



In Chinese medicine, winter is related to the Water element.

The seat of this element and the most basic life force in the body are – the kidneys.

The optimal diet in winter is based on food that supports and warms kidneys but also food that is locally grown.

Winter is the season that is conductive to rest, reading, relaxation, meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi

Winter – Best food

Black beans and kidney beans are well known as kidney-supporting food.

They should be consumed at least once a week in the winter time.

Especially by people who live in regions where the winters are harsh.

Vegetarians can add more Yang energy (warmth) to their bodies by baking their vegetables, prior to adding them to soups and other dishes.

In general, when it is cold outside, we need to eat more warm soups

Great soups are made of pre-baked vegetables like squash, leeks and carrots.

But the most revitalizing soup is actually a broth made from animal bones and vegetables.

Other kidney-warming foods include lamb and animal kidneys.

Dried fruit and root chinese herbal medicine

Vegetarians needn’t miss out foods like ginger, walnuts, chestnuts and black sesame seeds also do the trick.

Also, don’t forget quail eggs, for these highly nutritional eggs are produced by very quick (Yang) creatures.

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