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Living in accordance with seasons: Spring



Spring -Yang Quality


  • Ascending – upward movement of Qi

  • Natural boost of energy

  • Feeling alive and fresh

  • Infused with optimism & vigor

  • Supports growth & creativity




Wood Element


Color green


Wood related organs:

-Liver (Yin)

-Gallbladder (Yang)

-Tendons & muscles




Spring Months








Liver & Gallbladder


Liver is a Yin organ, in charge of smooth Qi flow.


– Liver stores, filters and detoxifies the blood

Liver hours are 1-3 am, but you should go to bed by 11pm, to improve functionality

– Liver is in charge of compassion, benevolence, honesty and feeling free, light and creative

– When Liver is balanced, people are kind, helpful, accepting and generous

– When Liver’s energy is disturbed, frustration, anger, resentment, irritability, moodiness, depression and sleeping disturbances may appear

– Liver is weakest between 1-3 pm


Gallbladder is a Yang organ that affects our ability to make decisions.


– When Gallbladder is strong and balanced, people are able to fight for themselves, to take initiative and lead others

– When Gallbladder energy is weak/disturbed, a person might become indecisive, timid and easily discouraged

– This organ provides muscular strength and vitality and it also affects the quality and length of sleep

– Gallbladder energy is at peak between 11 pm-1 am, and it is at its weakest between 11 am-1 pm




Spring is a good time to


  • Detox your body and mind & get rid of stagnant energy

  • Rest at night & get up early (to increase Yang)

  • Walk a lot and spend time in nature in order to absorb the fresh new energy of the Spring

  • Stretch the right side of the body, to help Liver her work

  • Find ways to become more proactive

  • Face life, take initiative and start something new

  • Open-up yourself towards life and people




Spring foods & cooking


Cook faster and at higher temperatures

Avoid cold & heavy foods

– Cook with onions, leeks and mushrooms

– Make sprouts, and use seaweeds in broth and salads for cleansing and strengthening your blood

– Base your food on fresh green veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts  

– To increase energy & improve vision, use goji & lichi

– Drink warm lemon juice in the morning, and enjoy chamomile, dandelion and orange peel tea

– To strengthen liver blood, take flaxseed, chia, sardines and/or walnuts…



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