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Castle Gate Flying Stars


Castle Gate Flying Stars

Feng Shui practice is known for many formulas.

Feng Shui formulas helps practitioners to find the best solutions and/or setting for specific property.

One of the formulas is Castle Gate…


The Castle Gate is the extension of the Flying Stars and it is used to find the alternative location for the door (left or right of the Facing Palace) which will bring prosperity to the occupants.

This method is used when the door placement in the Facing Palace is not convenient or when there is a source of Qi at the front (a junction, water, an open space), that could potentially be tapped with a new door placement (or positioning of the gate).


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Castle Gate Flying Stars


As this method works by itself, the Stars present in the Castle Gate Palace are considered to be of lesser importance.

However, in order to apply this method, the Period and the Facing should be known.

The Castle Gate has one flaw – it only works in the Current Period and hence loses its strength and becomes inauspicious as soon as the new Period arrives!


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Castle Gate Flying Stars

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