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Flying Star Locked Charts


Flying Star locked charts


Sometimes, we wonder what is wrong with Feng Shui of our property

We check Feng Shui books and other sources, and it seems that we did everything in accordance with good Feng Shui rules.


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Flying Stars Four Types of Charts


The Four Types of Flying Stars Charts

Most credible Feng Shui books have a chapter, or at least mentions, the Flying Stars.

The Flying Star system is not as old as other classical Feng Shui techniques; but it is

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Feng Shui Nine Periods


Feng Shui Nine Periods, Three Cycles

Time is a crucial factor in the Flying Stars technique.

The Qi in nature rotates in Cycles (One Great Cycle = 180 years), Periods (one Period = 20 years; nine Periods combine

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Feng Shui Flying Stars


Feng Shui Flying Stars

Flying Star Feng Shui is a very popular Feng Shui method.

It is a part of the ancient Xuan Kong (Shu – An – Gong) system, which translates as ‘the mysterious void.’

Xuan Kong comprises of

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Feng Shui Ba Zhai Assessment


Feng Shui Ba Zhai Assessment

Ba Zhai is the method usually carried out during Feng Shui assessments on residential properties.

It is an efficient way to design and improve the Feng Shui of your home or office that will have

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