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Flying Stars Good and Bad


Flying Stars Good and Bad


The Flying Stars System is essential in Feng Shui practice.

It is typically used to place the property and access its potentials as well as to determine how it will affect the future  of each occupant.


The Nine Flying Stars (which represent nine types of energy) are central to the Flying Stars method.

Each Star has their own distinctive properties and inherent strengths. Their types of energy and ways that they can affect a property can vary due to several influences – the environment, the property’s design, time, interaction with the other Stars and Palaces they enter, and the level of activity in the area.


The Nine Stars 

The Stars are bodies of Qi that carry different qualities, starting from polarity (Yin/Yang), the Elements (The Five Elements), and through the related Trigram (The Eight Trigrams).

Interestingly, the Star  5  does not have its own Trigram and its nature is neither Yin or Yang.


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flying stars good and bad

The Fire and Water Element Stars have split polarities (one is Yin while the other is Yang) while Earth, Wood, and Metal Stars can appear as both Ying and Yang.


The most benevolent stars are the White Stars (Stars 1, 6, and 8).

The White Star that has the most favorable timing is Star 8, also known as the Noble Star or the Current Prosperity Star.


Sheng Qi is attributed to Purple Star 9, which comes in the next Period (2024), while White Star 1 (the Distant Prosperity Star) will become the Sheng Qi in Period 9.

While all Nine Stars can display positive and negative qualities, each Star’s predominant nature is either benevolent or malevolent.

Generally, the White Stars 1, 6, and 8 are considered to be positive, and Purple Star 9 is defined as neutral.

Stars 2, 5, and 7 are classified as negative.

The effects of Star 3 depend mostly on the other Stars.

In the company of malevolent Stars 2, 5, or 7, Star 3 can express its negative side.


The rule of thumb is that the location of the Current Prosperity Stars indicates the area with the most beneficial Qi, as its direction enables a property’s occupants the opportunity to tap into the source of Wealth in the Current Period.

The Current Prosperity Star (Period 8: 2004 – 2023) works best for a property’s occupants when it appears at the property’s Main Entrance.


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Flying Stars good and bad

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