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Wealth Feng Shui – Wealth Sectors at Home and the Office (1)


Wealth Feng Shui (1)

The dream of each and every Feng Shui client and enthusiast is to find their wealth sectors and to activate them permanently.

We hope that this can be blissfully easy and that placing a three-legged toad or three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon in the ‘wealth corner’ of our home will launch our smooth sailing into prosperity…


Alas, the bad news is that in Classical Feng Shui things don’t quite work like that!

However, we also have some good news for you – because there is never only one wealth sector or factor in a property – and in fact, each property can have many

Wealth Feng Shui

The importance of external factors

When it comes to wealth and Feng Shui, the most influential are the external factors: the landscape and immediate surroundings.

Once a good location is available, we can tap its potentials – by placing a property in certain ways.


And when it comes to wealth, a great location is the one with natural water in the vicinity: sea, lake, river or a pond.

When there’s no natural water nearby, we can go for pools and ponds, as we can create an artificial water stream.

The pool/pond exact placement is essential, because it has to be positioned at the right location relative to the property. For this purpose, we can use different methods, which includes different Xuan Kong techniques and activating the Current Prosperity Star. What I personally perefer are the subtle but very powerful Xuan Kong Da Gua formulas for water placement.


When it comes to designing an artificial water stream, it has to encircle the property in specific way, depending on its exact facing degree and the main entrance placement. In addition, this water stream also has to ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ the property at specific degrees!


All aforementioned are the most powerful and lasting ways to usher wealth.

However, some of the wealth enhancing formulas will be active only for 12-20 years after activation – meaning that they have to be replaced in the future.


Since time also matters when it comes to water placement for wealth, we have to activate the structure at certain date and time.

Moreover, we also have to take into account the change of period, which may sometimes require the change of the water placement, too.

The new period comes from 2024 and will last for the next 20 years…


water feng shui
water feng shui


First thing first: assessing the property

Sometimes, when people are lucky, simple adjustments to their main entrance or main gate can bring about amazing results regarding their wealth.

In other cases, it’s necessary to place water in a certain external location to help promote wealth flow.


However, it’s necessary to evaluate the place and surroundings thoroughly – before deciding to place the water feature.

For example, the  main entrance placement is essential (as its facing degree), but we also have to evaluate the gate position. Moreover, incoming and outgoing roads and pathways are also important, because all these can disturb the flow of Qi and create constant issues for the residents.


If we don’t assess everything properly, there may be something which would constantly interfere with their life (including wealth), and practitioner may be blamed for this.

In this line of work, as in every other, its best to be honest with clients and tell them what to expect.

Follow-up is absolutely necessary when it comes to water placement for wealth, and I always stay in touch with these clients, to ensure that everything goes smoothly…


water feng shui
water feng shui


Is the client able to handle more wealth?

In real Feng Shui practice, there’s always the personal factor involved, because all these wealth should come to certain person.

This is why we don’t accept blindly wealth activation, but we firstly have to check whether a particular person is able to handle more wealth.

Basic wealth potentials can be seen in a person’s Ba Zi Chinese Astrology chart – and their Luck Cycles.


This is why we want to see a person’s chart first – in order to assess their basic potentials and get a clear picture of their current position. Only then we can decide if we would engage in creating wealth for them…


©Althea S.T.


Next: Part II – Where are my Real Wealth Sectors at Home and at the Office?



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