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Flying Stars Annual and Monthly


Flying Stars annual and monthly 


In the post ‘Slow and steady to win, fast for more chances’ you could already take a glimpse on how to use Annual Feng Shui Stars.

Employing the Annual Stars can help you to accomplish important goals very fast.

You just have to know the inherent qualities of every Star, as you have to know what certain Star represents to you…


In Classical Feng Shui, assessing the influence of Annual and Monthly Flying Stars on a property is a usual part of a consultation.

The Annual Stars are important indicators for the planning of renovations, as can help warn residents of possible health issues or risks to their wealth.

Accordingly, a Star 5 location should be avoided (or carefully dealt with) when renovating, just as the Star 2 location should be avoided by those whose have sensitive health.

In the same manner, the directions of these Stars should be avoided, especially when there are already issues – both health and financial.

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flying stars annual and monthly


Employing the annual location of the Current Prosperity Star (Star 8) is especially favorable for our career and finances.

For those who want a breakthrough, Star 3 may be an excellent solution, while those who seek popularity may turn to the Star 9.

Star 4 can help your romance, while Star 1 helps with finding helpful people, as it assists with travels…


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Flying Stars activation

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