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The Five Elements in Chinese Astrology


The Five Elements Chinese Astrology

The Five Elements concept is an observation of the changes in nature.


These changes are continuous and inevitable, and they lead us not only from season to season, but also from one year of our lives – to another.

Everything growths (and decays) in phases, as Elements transition one into another…


Wu Xing

The Five Elements concept is known as Wu Xing, or five phases.

The Five Elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.


Each Element appears as Yin and Yang, soft and hard.


Everything in this world is made of the Five Elements, just in different proportion.

Elements are in constant movement, hence this concept reflects the dynamic nature of life.


Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

Wood Element stand for the rising phase of the energy and the growth of everything.

Fire is the phase of expansion, when everything evolves quickly.

Earth is the Element of consolidation, but also transformation, because Earth grows all things.

Metal is the phase of contraction.

Water is the phase of coldness, reflection and calmness; it also provides life to all living creatures.


The Five Elements Chinese astrology

Chinese astrology Ba Zi is the Five Elements astrology.


In order to employ it well, we have to master the Five Elements concept.


In the following table, you will find the general characteristics of the Five Elements, the related Stems and Branches, seasons, directions, shapes and colors. For example, Fire is the strongest in summer, while the Snake and Horse branches dominate, but every Bing or Ding month also contains Fire. The color of Fire is red and its direction is south, etc.



Althea Feng Shui table-1
Five Elements Chinese astrology


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