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Chinese Astrology Courses – Testimonials

Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials

Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials


″… Althea’s presentation of the topic is really special! She is very knowledgeable, cultured, calm, patient, attentive and professional, and I have to say that I learned more at just one of her INTRODUCTORY Seminars (Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology) than I ever learned in a year’s worth of study at other places!″


″I have literally been knocked-out by this introductory seminar! At a certain point I was thinking that I would not be able to handle so much information and that my brain would burn-out, but then I suddenly felt more alive than ever, because every piece of knowledge was related to certain areas of life (Chinese astrology) and space (Feng Shui). In the Chinese astrology workshop I learned so much about myself and others, as well as about nature and the way Elements operate in different areas of life. The best thing of all is that we were provided with information that could be put to use immediately.″


″Traditional Chinese Astrology is a very complicated subject and I found it very difficult at one point to cope with all the Chinese characters, Stems and Branches. However when it came to combinations and clashes, I was fully open to it, as I saw that this was what life was really all about. It is amazing how predictable life can be and how we can foresee certain events long before they actually materialize. I have also learned how to deal with specific issues in order to change the outcome. Althea’s Chinese astrology courses really are inspirational.″


″Traditional Chinese astrology is very different to Western astrology! It’s very important for us to master the concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, in order to be able to take on board this precious knowledge. I am really happy to be able to study with Althea as she is so talented and is able to present any subject in a structured and clear manner; making me want to dive deep into the topic immediately.″


″Four Pillars – Ba Zi Chinese astrology is a very profound and complex subject, with so many layers of analysis. I have really enjoyed my study with Althea as I have learned so much so far, and I am really looking forward to moving onto the next level.″


″Chinese astrology is about life and the ways in which we can change things we don’t like. Instead of complaining and moaning, we can really learn how to see through certain events and patterns, in order to be able to change them. Chinese astrology is an amazing art and skill as well as being a very accurate and precise method. I can definitely use it to facilitate my dealings with other people and I am very confident that I am able to improve significantly, lifting my consulting practice to another level.″


“Everything I learned at Althea’s courses was presented in a highly structured manner. This meant that I was able to put my new-found knowledge into action immediately, relating certain things to certain parts of my place and… life. Althea is a very knowledgeable, wise and calm person, and I think that all these features had an effect on the depth of knowledge we received from her. In a way, what happened during this course was that I found my own hidden power to make changes, as my objectives suddenly became clear to me. I would definitely continue learning with her and I recommend her lectures to anyone who is truly aiming for changing themselves and their lives for the better. ″


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A course in real feng shui

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a course in chinese astrology ba zi

Awards: MBS Book Awards of Europe, January 2018 

Title: A Course in Chinese Astrology: Reveal Your Destiny, Harness Your Luck with Four Pillars

Chapters: 10 (+Glossary+Appendix)

Pages: 270

Illustrations: 50

Tables: 50

Charts: 50

Case Studies: 9


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