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Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials

Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials


Chinese astrology Four Pillars Courses Testimonials

″… Althea’s presentation of the topic is really special! She is very knowledgeable, cultured, calm, patient, attentive and professional, and I have to say that I learned more at just one of her INTRODUCTORY Seminars (Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology) than I ever learned in a year’s worth of study at other places!″

″I have literally been knocked-out by this introductory seminar! At a certain point I was thinking that I would not be able to handle so much information and that my brain would burn-out, but then I suddenly felt more alive than ever, because every piece of knowledge was related to certain areas of life (Chinese astrology) and space (Feng Shui). In the Chinese astrology workshop I learned so much about myself and others, as well as about nature and the way Elements operate in different areas of life. The best thing of all is that we were provided with information that could be put to use immediately″

″Traditional Chinese Astrology is a very complicated subject and I found it very difficult at one point to cope with all the Chinese characters, Stems and Branches. However when it came to combinations and clashes, I was fully open to it, as I saw that this was what life was really all about. It is amazing how predictable life can be and how we can foresee certain events long before they actually materialize. I have also learned how to deal with specific issues in order to change the outcome. Althea’s Chinese astrology courses really are inspirational.″

″Traditional Chinese astrology is very different to Western astrology! It’s very important for us to master the concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, in order to be able to take on board this precious knowledge. I am really happy to be able to study with Althea as she is so talented and is able to present any subject in a structured and clear manner; making me want to dive deep into the topic immediately.″

″Four Pillars – Ba Zi Chinese astrology is a very profound and complex subject, with so many layers of analysis. I have really enjoyed my study with Althea as I have learned so much so far, and I am really looking forward to moving onto the next level.″

″Chinese astrology is about life and the ways in which we can change things we don’t like. Instead of complaining and moaning, we can really learn how to see through certain events and patterns, in order to be able to change them. Chinese astrology is an amazing art and skill as well as being a very accurate and precise method. I can definitely use it to facilitate my dealings with other people and I am very confident that I am able to improve significantly, lifting my consulting practice to another level.″

“Everything I learned at Althea’s courses was presented in a highly structured manner. This meant that I was able to put my new-found knowledge into action immediately, relating certain things to certain parts of my place and… life. Althea is a very knowledgeable, wise and calm person, and I think that all these features had an effect on the depth of knowledge we received from her. In a way, what happened during this course was that I found my own hidden power to make changes, as my objectives suddenly became clear to me. I would definitely continue learning with her and I recommend her lectures to anyone who is truly aiming for changing themselves and their lives for the better. ″

Chinese astrology Consultations Testimonials

Chinese astrology Consultations - Testimonials

Chinese astrology Consultations Testimonials

“I came to Althea for a Four Pillars consultation because I wanted to do some forward planning for my business.

I had recently sensed that something wasn’t quite right but I could not put my finger on it.

It felt a bit like my business ‘mojo’ had faded or even completely disappeared and I really needed an unbiased view of recent events. Following my consultation with Althea, we managed to figure out my wealth luck cycles and everything she said coincided with real-life events and the period of when I started my business. I am really satisfied with the information that I have been provided, with, as with this, I can better plan my business activities, the signing of important contracts, launching new products, kicking off sales campaigns, etc. I believe that every entrepreneur should ask for Four Pillars astrology advice, as it can really aid the perspective of one’s business development and make decision making so much easier, especially when it comes to annual updates.″


″When I came along for my Chinese astrology consultation, I really had no specific subject in mind, I was just curious and I wanted to see what it was like. After experiencing a Four Pillars reading, I have to say it was definitely different to Western astrology. The way Althea reached certain conclusions and the solutions she suggested… wow, I was amazed with the possibilities of Chinese astrology and Althea’s holistic approach, as well as the suggestions she made for my career and health!″


″I was unexpectedly given an overview of my Four Pillars of Destiny as part of my Feng Shui consultation. I wasn’t expecting too much, as I believed that it was going to be more about personal directions and elements, but it went way beyond this. Yes, I learned about the basic characteristics and potentials of my Self, but I also got to understand my new external dynamics that had suddenly been brought into my life as part of certain Luck Cycles. My perspective on my destiny and luck is now quite different, as all of that information helped me understand that each individual’s life is a unique story and that at some point in our life, we also become story tellers, deciding whether we will live our lives as victims in pain or get out of that cycle and gain a new perspective and learn something new.″


″I was interested in getting my love luck reading done. I had a messy divorce behind me, and had really lost my confidence with the opposite sex. Althea created an opportunity for me to be able to grow over this period by understanding all the events and how my own attitude had contributed to certain developments. I have learned to understand that we all have to accept the limitations that exist in our destiny, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have the freedom to make our own decisions. What it does mean is that we can make decisions based on the awareness of our own limitations, as that kind of knowledge can help avoid certain situations. And this will most certainly help, and put all of us into a more advantageous place in our lives.″


″I heard of Chinese astrology for the first time when I was given Althea’s book as a birthday present by a friend. Later on, I met Althea and she did my Chinese astrology reading as a part of Feng Shui consultation. She really nailed my character and certain events from my past, but she also acted as a gentle Life Coach for me, providing me with a lot of valuable information on how to deal with certain situations and how to improve my health.″

″I have had Chinese astrology consultations with Althea on a regular annual basis, and this works really well for me. To now, most information has proved to be correct and I have used it to anticipate issues, plan important business activities and organize myself better.″


″I requested a written Chinese astrology consultation with Althea many years ago, and I still keep the printed information with me. Each time I read this report, I am surprised all over again at how things work in life and how certain tendencies and events can be foreseen many years in advance. Almost everything she told me about my existing Luck Cycles proved to be correct…″


″Althea evaluated my Chinese astrology chart as part of a Feng Shui consultation, in order to obtain all the information required for the improvement of my health and finding the best direction. During this consultation, I definitely received more than I was expecting and I can really recommend Althea S.T.’s consultations to everyone!″