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Living in accordance with seasons – Winter


Living in accordance with seasons:  Winter



Winter’s Qualities


  • A Yin season

  • The withdrawal of Qi

  • Slowing down

  • A Water Element

  • The color of black

  • Cold, dark, quiet



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Winter vs. Health


* Water Element meridians/organs:

The Kidneys (Yin)

The Bladder (Yang)

Health issues: Kidney and bladder issues, problems with bones, ears and the reproductive organs

Emotions: Fear, anxiety




Winter’s Months

(Chinese Solar calendar)

  • November

  • December

  • January




The Kidneys


  • They store Jing, the deep primordial energy that governs aging

  • Control water

  • Center of the body’s Yin and Yang

  • Control the reception of Qi

  • Responsible for growth & development

  • The seat of Zhi (willpower)

  • Related emotion: Fear

  • Kidney time: 5-7 pm




Winter is a good time to:


  • Rest more

  • Sleep longer

  • Go to bed early

  • Reflect

  • Meditate




Winter cooking and foods


  • Cook longer; use a low heat and less water

  • Bake in the oven

  • Add a pinch of salt

  • Consume warm soups

  • Cook bone broth

  • Add kidney and black beans to your menu

  • Include black sesame seeds, wolfberry, mushrooms and black fungi, seaweeds and micro-algae in your meals

  • Eat more duck, goose, beef, lamb and rabbit meat; also consume eggs

  • Enrich your diet with some walnuts and nuts

  • Cook with winter veggies such as squash, leeks, carrots, cabbages and winter greens

  • Consider taking ginseng and/or cordyceps (especially if you are experiencing a lack of energy)


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