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Void lines in Feng Shui (1)

Feng Shui Void Lines (Death and Emptiness), part 1


Death and Emptiness lines are critical in classical Feng Shui practice.

Not every Feng Sui consultant pays attention to these compass directions – but they are crucial in affecting not just your overall Feng Shui, but also your health and wellbeing…

If someone is suffering from depression or a lack of enthusiasm in their life, one needs to check the door facing and the sleeping direction for Death and Emptiness lines.


Alternatively, Death and Emptiness lines are also known as Void lines. In Feng Shui, we refer to them as lines, but each Void spreads its influence up to three degrees on both sides of the certain degrees.


Althea Feng Shui Luo-Pan-Medium
feng shui void lines


A Luo Pan compass can determine precisely when the facing falls into a Void line.

However, when using a standard compass, Void line tables should be drawn up to check the positioning.

Some Death and Emptiness lines can spoil or weaken good Feng Shui. In general, facing a Void line is considered an issue in Feng Shui and should be avoided if at all possible.


If a property (and a main entrance) faces a Void line, the quality of the Qi entering the property will be significantly decreased, which can interfere with the overall Feng Shui.

Althea Feng Shui temple-chinese
feng shui void lines

Some Void lines can also be harmful to the occupants of a household that can cause unusual experiences (hauntings, spiritual occurrences, etc). These lines are appropriate for the facing of a place of worship such as a church, temple, mosque or synagogue.

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