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Feng Shui Location and Direction


Feng Shui location and direction 

It is of fundamental importance that one who practices Feng Shui can differentiate between location and direction.

For beginners, this difference can be confusing – even Feng Shui consultants can fall into the trap! For example, a central entrance may be placed in the North (location) of the property, but it may still face Northwest (direction).

Althea Feng Shui House-locations
feng shui locations

In the same way, an individual’s bed may be placed in the South (location) of the property and the Southeast (location) of the bedroom, while one’s sleeping direction may be North (or any other direction). The illustration above shows the main entrance in NW location, with THREE different door facings (NW, West, North).


When it comes to evaluating a property, the essential furniture and fittings such as doors, beds, stove, and desks should always be placed in a favorable location – and face a beneficial direction in accordance with the individual’s Life Gua.

With the smart utilization of a property’s location, it can provide you with a head start to get an advantage in your life and business. However – to achieve the best, you have you face the right direction!

Althea Feng Shui Sleeping-direction
feng shui locations and directions

The illustration above shows one’s sleeping direction.


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