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Property – How to choose the best for you! Part II

Property – If there is an opportunity to choose between several buildings, choose one with an outer open, spacious area (this will allow Qi to collect before it gently moves into the building).


Building and roads are essential parts of the city landscape.

Buildings affect their surroundings in a similar way to hills, mountains, roads and rivers.

Ideally we would like higher buildings in the rear and at the left of our building, and lower ones in front and to the right.

Property – What is the best to avoid?

Avoid buildings situated below a road and those facing a long corridor. This causes Qi coming into the premises to be weak.

Also, avoid any premises that are squeezed between two larger buildings; also those located close to substations.

When buying a property with land, stand at the main entrance and look out.

Be sure there aren’t any dead Qi features out there like dead trees, closely located graveyards, abandoned buildings.

Avoid  ‘Poison Arrows’ coming towards the entrance (a road pointing directly toward the main entrance, a T-junction, a cross junction, pylons, cable poles, a sharp corner, a pillar, or a narrow or dark passageway …).


It is beneficial to have Qi moving gently towards the main door of the premises.

Check the view from the apartment you are interested in.

If there are straight or threatening features directly in front of the windows (such as cable poles, pillars, pylons, spiral staircases, abandoned or ruined building, pitched roofs of buildings that are linked together, the sharp corner of a neighboring building, a straight road pointing towards the windows, narrow or dark passageways in front of it, etc.), think twice before you take it.


Avoid units with a water tank or pool above the ceiling (as water Qi is flowing downwards).

Also, avoid a house with the toilet located above the main entrance.

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Choosing property 1 – what can we do?!

Choosing property 1 –  Each building can be classified under a certain element. Tall buildings belong to the Wood element, square and flat ones to the Earth element.

choosing property 1

Apartment building and house tips

Thus always examine the surroundings of a certain building to see if it can generate wealth at the expense of other buildings.

When the surrounding buildings are supporting the premises you are interested in, this is auspicious.

Choosing property 1 – What blocking Qi flow?

When large trees, big rocks, pylons, lamp posts, a wall or the edge of another building appear directly in front of the main entrance, this can block the Qi flow into the building.

That create Sha Qi.

Buildings should be protected against any Sha Qi, otherwise their Feng Shui will not be beneficial.


Be sure to examine the formation of buildings, roads, canals and drains (and other man-made structures) in the vicinity of a particular building.

Avoid straight, sharp or threatening structures.

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External water – what is ideal solution?


External water – In Feng Shui, water is related to intelligence, wealth and prosperity. Therefore, we always like to live in the vicinity of water. However, not every water is good.


external water


External water – what is ideal water?

Ideal water should be clean, gently flowing and meandering.
Avoid living on a site where you can hear the sound of gushing water.

Water at the rear of the house creates frustration and missed opportunities.
For it to be beneficial, a river should not flow directly toward the house, or flow away from the site.
In the current Period, the best position for water is that of South West (from the property).

For every location and the property itself, it is wise to further examine where the water enters and exits, in order to evaluate if it is good for the specific property.
If water coming onto a property is good, it is wise to make an opening (door, window) on that side of the building in order to welcome the water Qi into the premises.
In the vicinity of the sea, it is better to reside in a condominium or an apartment than a bungalow house .

As a bigger building can more easily balance the effects of the sea over a smaller one.

Activating the water mouth

Nevertheless, if the house is one in a row of similar houses, it is OK to live in, for it is well protected from the sea.
Lakes and ponds are regarded as peaceful and sentimental water.

It is good to have them in the vicinity of a property, in the correct location (in relation to the property).


The size of a pool is important, for it should not overwhelm the size of the house.

It is best to keep the pool (or pond) round or oval shaped. Otherwise sharp corners that point directly to the house can create Sha.


In Classical Feng Shui, an important water feature is known as ‘Water Mouth’

.The wealth source of the area – and this should be positioned in the right location (in relation to the premises).

Activating the water mouth is the most powerful Classical Feng Shui secret for increasing wealth.

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Location – Feng Shui Tips!

Good location tips

The ideal location contains both mountains and water.

An ideal site should be gently embracing.

Higher ground at the rear is desirable (this is called the ‘Black Turtle’ and provides protection and support.

The ideal Black Turtle should be much higher than the ‘Green Dragon’ on the left).


Location – all you need to know!

The left side of the house (inside, looking out) should have higher undulating hills than the right side (‘Green Dragon’ should be higher than ‘White Tiger’).

An ideal site contains good quality Ming Tang: an open undulating plot of land at front.

When there is a slow meandering river with healthy vegetation in Ming Tang, it will make the site even more fortunate.

Behind the Ming Tang, way in front, there should be low hills symbolizing the ‘Red Phoenix’. These prevent dissipation of the Qi accumulated in the Ming Tang.

When the site has a formation similar to that of a low arm-chair and contains ‘Green Dragon’, ‘White Tiger’, ‘Black Turtle’ and ‘Red Phoenix’, it is considered very auspicious.


Since water conducts Qi in the area, it is (always) good to see water from the site, as this ‘takes care’ of the prosperity of the area.
Since Qi is carried and dispersed by the wind, it is preferable that there are no harsh winds blowing on or at the location. Mild winds, however, are OK (as winds transport Qi).

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