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External Feng Shui


External Feng Shui


From the ground, the Earth Qi is penetrating our buildings, supplying us with life-supporting energy.

Though we are not aware of that subtle influence, as we are usually not aware of our lungs moving, we do have constant interchange with the Earth energy.


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External Feng Shui – evaluating the Qi


When it comes to external, Feng Shui practitioners always aim towards evaluating the quality of the Qi in the surrounding and finding the best ways to use it.


An ideal site should be gently embracing; higher ground at the rear is desirable (this is called the ‘Black Turtle’ and provides protection and support), together with an open plot of land at front.

In the same manner, we would like higher buildings in the rear and at the left of our building, and lower ones in front and to the right.


If there is an opportunity to choose between several buildings, always choose one with an outer open, spacious area (this will allow Qi to collect before it gently moves into the building).

When buying a property with land, stand at the main entrance and look out; be sure there aren’t any dead Qi features out there like dead trees, closely located graveyards or abandoned buildings.


Sometimes, ‘Poison Arrows’ coming towards the entrance – a road pointing directly toward the main entrance, a T-junction, a cross junction, pylons, cable poles, a sharp corner, a pillar, or a narrow or dark passageway


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External Feng Shui

On the other hand, when there is a slow meandering river at front, it will make the site more fortunate, because water conducts Qi in the area.

However, there are certain rules for placing external water in the current period; being powerful, Water can easily bring prosperity – or it can take it away from us.



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external feng shui


City planing with Feng Shui

As an ancient source of knowledge for earth and environmental energy, Classical Feng Shui can also be used for city planning.


Whenever a community is truly interested in the future of their descendents, seeking long-term benefits for all, Classical Feng Shui can be valuable means of achieving that goal.

In designing the main features of a property, we should strive for optimal utilization of the energy of the environment, thereby enabling the smooth flow of Qi.

If there is the option to apply Classical Feng Shui from the start (Construction Projects) property might be placed in the best possible location, in order of maximizing usage of the available energy sources.

With Classical Feng Shui, it is possible to create the perfect residential and commercial property, while harmoniously blending vast knowledge of Classical Feng Shui with respect toward the environment.


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