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Wealth Feng Shui – Wealth Sectors at Home and the Office! 1

Wealth Feng Shui and the importance of external factors.

Wealth Feng Shui

Wealth Feng Shui – Addressing Wealthand the importance of external factors

The dream of each and every Feng Shui client and enthusiast is to find their Wealth sectors and to activate them permanently.

For it to be so blissfully easy to find THAT special corner of their home or office, to place a three-legged toad or three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon there and smoothly sail into eternal prosperity…

Alas, in Classical Feng Shui things don’t quite work like that!
After all these years in Feng Shui, I have learnt that nothing is as simple as it may first appear.

Accordingly, there is never only one Wealth sector or factor in a property – and in fact, each property can have many.

So that’s some good news.

The most influential ones are the external factors.

Those that relate to the location and the way property is placed, followed next by internal positioning.
Then, there is the time factor, as each potential has to be addressed properly or triggered at just the right time, otherwise it will be of no use.

Are you able to handle more Wealth?

And finally, there is the personal factor, because at some point we have to ask the question: Is a particular person able to handle more Wealth?

When applying Wealth related-methods in Classical Feng Shui, it is not really about the sectors, but more about the ways in which Wealth can be improved.

Let’s now review the most important Wealth-related factors in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

The personal factor: Chinese Astrology basic WEALTH POTENTIAL.
Basic Wealth potential can be seen in a person’s Chinese Astrology chart and their Luck Cycles.
This is why I want to see a person’s date of birth converted into Stems and Branches – in order to see their basic potentials and to get a clear picture of their current position.

Tell me more about the LOCATION and surroundings

The most powerful Wealth-generating features are external, and it really does matter where you live.

The landscape generates Qi energy and you can obviously use it to become wealthy… or wealthier.

Are there any mountains, hills, rivers or lakes nearby?

Is your property placed in such a way that can make use of these potentials?

Is there anything that CAN be fixed?

The very first question I always ask my clients is the following: What can be changed?

Sometimes, when people are lucky, simple adjustments to their main entrance or main gate can bring about amazing results.

In other cases, I like to explore the possibilities of placing water in a certain external location to help promote wealth flow.

There are a few basic formulas that deal with Qi (energy) flow at a property, and a couple of them can be used for enhancing Wealth and Prosperity.
This is why I also like to explore if placement of the gate and incoming and outgoing roads (pathways) disturb the flow of Wealth, because this can also be an issue.

I always like to check these things, just to be sure.

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