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The Rolex Way

The Rolex Way: Going Where Few Have Gone Before


Rolex is not only the official time-keeper at Wimbledon and the Australian Open, but the company is also a recognized symbol of success and prosperity all across the globe.


Individuals everywhere

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The Five Elements in Chinese Astrology


The Five Elements Chinese Astrology

The Five Elements concept is an observation of the changes in nature.


These changes are continuous and inevitable, and they lead us not only from season to season, but also from one year of our

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Living in accordance with seasons: Spring



Spring -Yang Quality


  • Ascending – upward movement of Qi

  • Natural boost of energy

  • Feeling alive and fresh

  • Infused with optimism & vigor

  • Supports growth & creativity




Wood Element


Color green


Wood related organs:

-Liver (Yin)

-Gallbladder (Yang)

-Tendons & muscles

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