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Yin Yang – complementing and balancing each other


Yin Yang 

Yin and Yang are the two primary forces in nature; they are constantly interacting and thus, create Qi.


Originally, Yin was described as being the shady side of a hill, while Yang was depicted as the sunny side.

The Yin principle is feminine, soft, deep, calm, slow, internal, hidden, low, dark, mysterious and complex.

The Yang principle is more masculine – hard, external, superficial, restless, aggressive, obvious, quick, active, spiritual and simple.


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While Yang rules over the sun and daylight, Yin is related more to the moon and nighttime.

Yin is the symbol of coldness and moisture, Yang is associated with hot and dry weather.

The principle of Yang is related to tension; it is demanding and taking. Yin on the other hand is about relaxing, forgiving and nurturing.


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In Feng Shui, mountains represent the Yin principle, due to their static nature, while waters represent the Yang principle, due to their constant movement.

Originally Feng Shui was used in order to find the optimum burial spot, a Yin location, which was suitable for the final rest. However, the Feng Shui which is the subject of this book, covers residential and commercial properties, which falls into the category of Yang Zhai (Yang houses), also known as places for living.


The work of these principles can be seen everywhere – the Qi of the landscape is also formed due to a combination of Yin and Yang (mountain and water). Actually, the ideal location is one where Yin (mountain) meets Yang (water), as the energy here is the most abundant…


This text was taken from Althea’s awarded Feng Shui book, ‘A Course in Real Feng Shui’.


Copyright by Althea S.T.


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