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What is Chinese Astrology?


What is Chinese Astrology Ba Zi?


The Chinese culture always believed that an individual life was governed by five factors: Destiny, Luck, Feng Shui, Character and Wisdom.



An individual’s Destiny (Ming) is established at the time of birth and covers not only one’s basic personality, intellectual capacities and bodily constitution, but also inherent talents and other capabilities.

In a way, Destiny provides the basic materials that can be shaped, sharpened and developed.

Therefore, each person’s Destiny is not unlike a piece of raw jade that requires time to be fully shaped but also may require cutting and polishing in order to reveal its beauty, shine and preciousness.


Ten Heavenly Stems
Ten Heavenly Stems


The Eight Characters of one’s life

The birth year, month, day and hour can be converted into Elements (Stems and Branches).

These eight characters (Four Stems and Four Branches) are distributed evenly into the four pillars of one’s astrology chart (year, month, day and hour).

The Four Pillars or Ba Zi chart reveals both obvious and hidden dynamics of one’s life.

These dynamics emerge from interactions between different Elements and polarities, leading to quite predictable situations, happenings and outcomes. Therefore, the Chinese view of Destiny is that it is something that can be known and predicted.


Twelve Earth Branches
Twelve Earth Branches


It is also about Luck

One’s birth details also contain all the relevant information regarding Luck (Yun).

An evaluation of the current Luck Cycle may indicate certain important matters, guiding a person on how to get the most out of the current situation as well as circumstances and events in the future.

It can often be the case that certain paths are closed to a particular individual at a specific time, while other paths are open, offering different opportunities, but leading to the same level of fulfillment and happiness. Knowing more about our Luck is the basis of great accomplishments as it reveals the best choices, timing and other such important information.


Luck always follows certain cycles and, in addition to the 10-year Luck Cycles (Da Yun, or big luck) there are also annual luck cycles (Xiao Yun, or small luck).


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