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Residential Feng Shui Consultation


Feng Shui is the study of how your property affects your life and business.

The objective is to improve and maintain your health, relationships and wealth with the property activation and clever utilization of property locations and optimum personal directions.

In your Feng Shui Consultation, you will learn more about how to use your property in order to make the most of its potentials.

Residential Feng Shui Consultation


Residential Feng Shui Consultation

– Home should be the place of greatest support –

Residential consultation is ideal for anyone who would like to know more about the resources of their property and who always wants the best for themselves and their family.


It also gives people an opportunity to improve certain aspects of their life such as their health, wealth and relationships.


In Althea’s Feng Shui consultation, you will be provided with the following information:

– A review of the general potentials of the property.
– An analysis of the main entrance placement, because it seriously affects the wealth and general wellbeing of residents.
Bed placement or sleeping direction improvements (your bed affects both your health and relationships).
Stove placement review, followed by possible suggestions (the location of the stove affects the residents’ health and earning abilities).
– Suggestions for better Qi flow utilization (where applicable).

– A brief overview of each resident’s personal directions.

All relevant suggestions will be simple and down-to-earth – there are no Chinese restaurant ‘looks’ or figurine placements in Classical Feng Shui.

residential consultation
residential consultation

A residential consultation is delivered in the form of a written report with all the relevant explanations and illustrations included, except when otherwise agreed.

Depending on the client’s requirements, the consultation may include solving specific issues and targeting certain ‘life’ aspects (health, wealth, relationship, studies etc…).

Assistance with choosing and/or designing a new home, deciding on the best location and time for construction, and help creating reconstruction projects can also be provided.


Althea is the author of awarded Feng Shui book and Feng Shui lecturer and consultant with 25+ years of experience.


For Feng Shui Consultation fee estimation, please send an e-mail containing basic information about your property and the number of residents.


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A good way to find out about your property’s Feng Shui is to consult or hire a personal Feng Shui adviser to review it and offer customized solutions and packages.

We provide consultations for your Residential and Business property and also have special, tailor-made packages for Property Developers and Investors.

We also offer Annual Feng Shui consultations, with tailor-made property activation dates!

Learn the most effective Feng Shui methods of assessing, improving and activating the properties. Clear you doubts and get actual, measurable results. Four levels, intense studies, certification program available. Flexible timing, studying in small groups (2-5 people).
Receive the support you need, get all necessary explanations, gain confidence in consulting with a wide range of clients and achieve excellence in your Feng Shui practice!Flexible timing, undivided attention. Permanent training and certification program available.