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Qi (Ch’i) – The Breath of Nature

Qi is often translated as ”Life Force”, although it is well known in Chinese culture as ”The Breath of Nature”.
This principle is the central underlying principle in Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, Chinese medicine and Martial arts.


What is Qi?

The earliest form of the written character for Qi shows the words steam (气) and rice (米), associating it with the vapor that appears during the process of cooking rice.

Qi is most usually referred to as the “breath of nature” and “the life force that exists in everything, animated or unanimated”.


This concept is the most important and yet the most mysterious part of Chinese philosophy, because it is about life itself, which is difficult to capture or define.

Though it may never be explained perfectly, it is known that Qi, or energy, flows constantly and that it can be collected or dispersed, as explained by Guo Pu.


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Qi plays a pivotal role in Feng Shui, Qi Gong, Chinese medicine and Ba Zi astrology.

In fact they are all about Qi, and nothing else but Qi; its flow and its various manifestations.

All these disciplines share a common view regarding Yin and Yang Qi. Basically, each one studies the specific Qi that relates most closely to the subject matter – Qi in the human body, Qi of the Four Pillars, and Earth Qi in Feng Shui.

The procedure common to all methods is to inspect the Qi through the basic potentials of the subject but in conjunction with the changes that come with the passing of time. So… inherited versus acquired Qi; Four Pillars versus Luck Pillars; the landscape versus the property.


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In Ba Zi, a persons’ Qi is defined by the basic ba Zi chart. This chart displays the prevailing Qi from the time the individual took their first breath.

However, there is also the Qi that relates to Luck Cycles and specific years, and this Qi also affects the various aspects of a person’s life, for good or for bad.


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In Chinese medicine there is the term “inherent Qi”, which refers to Qi that has been passed on from descendants through the essence stored in the kidneys.

This Qi determines the most basic constitution and determines both strong and weak organs and meridians. On the other hand, there is the Qi that is constantly being acquired; by breathing, eating, moving and interacting with the environment and other people.

Thus, it is within our power to ensure that the Qi we acquire on a daily basis is the best we possibly we can achieve.


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In Feng Shui, basic Qi comes from the earth, but it is studied in conjunction with time and other influences.

Qi flows through the landscape, accumulating, maturing, traveling long distances, meandering, switching directions, reaching a climax in certain spots, becoming stronger or losing its strength.


Sometimes, when humans interfere with the environment, the flow of Qi through the landscape and the environment can become damaged, altered or interrupted.

Moreover, the influence of time and the surroundings also plays an important role; time can alter the basic natural energy, making it stronger or weaker.

The surroundings also affect the flow of Qi; as an example high-rise buildings can easily block or redirect Qi…


This text was taken from Althea’s awarded book ‘A Course in Real Feng Shui’.


Copyright by Althea S.T.


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