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About the book

A Course in Chinese Astrology: Reveal Your Destiny, Harness Your Luck with Four Pillars


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In this new book by Althea S.T., Feng Shui and Chinese astrology expert, you will be introduced to practical use of the ancient Four Pillars system.

A Course in Chinese Astrology is a key to understanding yourself; in ten chapters, this book covers life, destiny, luck, talents, opportunities and challenges.


You will explore: What is inherent and predestined in human life? What dynamics are currently affecting my life today (health, relationships, wealth, career)? When does an individual’s luck change? How can someone anticipate future changes and plan important activities?


The information in A Course in Chinese Astrology book serves to inform, to guide, and eventually to empower the individual to begin to use this ancient system for improving their own life.

After calculating your own Four Pillars and learning to read the results, you will be able to analyze the existing dynamics that influence your life.


You will also gain a deeper understanding of how shifts in luck affect you; you will then be positioned to use this information in making informed decisions, and in knowing whether you are pursuing a path to success or fighting against yourself.

You will gain a direct understanding of Four Pillars application in the Case Study Chapter. Here, we depict well known celebrities in order to illustrate the effectiveness of the Four Pillars System.


Possibly for the first time in print, Althea S.T. reveals in this book how to integrate some principals of Feng Shui in order to gain even greater results from the Four Pillars system.


Content: 270 pages, over 50 tables, 9 Case Studies


Published: June 2017


Chinese Astrology book review

“I am always on the lookout for new Feng Shui books to add to my collection. I must say I’m quite happy impressed with this book. It is so comprehensive and it reveals many of the secrets that I learned from taking expensive live Feng Shui classes that I had paid big bucks for in the past few years. This book is written so methodically that would make it easy for a beginner to follow and learn from. To me, this book has far greater value than the more expensive books from other authors that I have bought previously based on its contents and the level of knowledge it imparts to its readers. I almost signed up for an expensive online class offered by a famous classical Feng Shui master and I ‘m glad I didn’t because this book covers exactly the same topics which that online class offered. I saved almost $1950 by buying this book instead. If I am to teach a Feng Shui class in the future, I will definitely use this as my class textbook.”
Mila K.
(Amazon review)

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