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Flying Stars 2021

Flying Stars 2021

How to employ Feng Shui for pursuing goals in 2021

The changes of energies at one’s home brings up the opportunities for the residents to reset everything in the new year – and then direct the energy towards important goals. What we want to accomplish with Feng Shui is to improve the overall luck and minimize the challenging influences. This can be achieved by attuning with the best flow of Qi at our homes and using the space in accordance with Stars and personal goals.

For example, if one wishes romance in 2021, then they can benefit from East.

If one desires more passion in life, then they should aim for South.

Those who seek marriage can also opt for South, although females could also benefit from using North and/or Southwest.

For health and recovery, Northeast and West are two great locations; spending time there can benefit everyone who cares for their health.

When it comes to differences between the two locations, Northeast is better for the mood and overall energy, while West will work well on one’s stamina and strength…

When it comes to wealth, West, Southeast and South are the areas that can help you with the wealth luck (although one should be extremely careful with Southeast).

For power and influence, ideal areas are South, Southwest and North.

South is also the great area for those who seek completion in life, career, and business; it can also help with finishing important projects.

Southwest is ideal for ambitious young males who want to rise and take a lead; North is great location for those who want steady increase of the influence, especially in property and insurance related businesses.

On the other hand, what also matters when it comes to overall luck and Feng Shui, is to be mindful about bad locations, because these can spoil the good luck, bringing delays, and obstacles. Accordingly, try not to not sleep in such locations (Southeast primarily, but also Northeast 1) and do not spend much time there, either.

Consequently, plan using your home wisely, and if not sure ask for help from the Feng Shui professional (Annual Feng Shui Consultation), because this can really pay off. Also, do keep in mind the importance of your Ba Zi, your health status, and overall (global or national) trends – not only your goals. If your health is not very strong, or if you’re in recovery from Coronavirus, avoid both Southeast and North. In the same manner, if you are experiencing wealth troubles, then Southeast is not the right location for you, because spending time there can only worsen the situation.

If you wish to advance in your career, work from West, South or Northeast (or North if your health is strong).

If you want to improve your relationship, go for East, or South: spend time there, or move your bed to the West or South of your bedroom.

Flying Stars 2021
Flying Stars 2021

The good and bad locations of 2021 – general outlook

The good locations of 2021 are:





The bad locations of 2021 are:



Usable locations in 2021 are:




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