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Feng Shui for wealth in 2021

Feng Shui for wealth in 2021

When it comes to wealth, you should have the following Feng Shui guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid renovating certain areas
  • Refrain from working from locations that attract bad luck and loss
  • Spend time in locations that support wealth
  • Activate special annual Stars via their locations

When it comes to renovations and reconstructions, Feng Shui provides us with specific advice that will enable us to renovate our property in the safest possible ways. However, since the main idea behind any reconstruction is having a good plan, this endeavor sometimes requires planning as much as 2-3 years in advance. Although this may sound quite demanding, it is still the best possible way to renovate – but also to improve your property and make best use of its potentials!

Where we work influences our career, wealth and business in general, because sitting and spending time in certain locations places us under the direct influence of specific energies that can negatively affect our wealth. In the year of 2021, those who have the Goat, Horse, Snake or Dragon in their Ba Zi chart need to be particularly careful when it comes to wealth and investments. Calculate your Ba Zi chart at https://altheachineseastrology.com to find whether you have one (or more) of these Zodiac signs in your Ba Zi chart. If you do, then carefully follow the Feng Shui tips regarding wealth: avoid working from the Southeast and instead opt for locations that can support your efforts.

Feng Shui for wealth in 2021
Feng Shui for wealth in 2021


Negative areas for wealth in 2021 are:

  • Northeast 1,3

  • Southeast


Positive areas for wealth in 2021 are:

  • South

  • West


Other than South and West, 2021 does not bring any other location with strong wealth energy.

However, if you are in the property business, you can take advantage from the North; for investments, check out the post ‘Feng Shui and investments in 2021’. When it comes to controlling expenses, be careful about activating Southwest 1 and/or Northeast 3, because that can lead to an increase in expenses, especially for those who have the Goat, Horse, Rat, Dragon or Dog in their Ba Zi chart.

For those big players who aren’t afraid of taking great risks and sustaining possible losses, and who are ready to deal with delays and numerous problems, Southeast can also be a viable option for acquiring great wealth. If you are not afraid of losing everything, and if your motto is “lose to gain”, then you can also activate Southeast with water! Just be mindful that using and activating Southeast is suitable only for brave individuals with a strong heart, who are also in a period of favorable luck (especially Ji and Wu people, who were born during the summer months). Everyone else, please stay away from the Southeast in 2021 and do not renovate this area of your property (also avoid renovating areas of your property that face or occupy the southeast).

Finally, I have to remind you to read the post about four special locations, because you can certainly benefit from their activation!


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