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Feng Shui vs. Coronavirus

Feng Shui vs. Coronavirus

The appearance of the Coronavirus coincides with the end of one year (2019, Earth Pig year) and the beginning of another (2020, Metal Rat year). In Feng Shui, every new year also brings a shift of energy not only at our homes, but on a global level, too. Although we technically count the beginning of a new year in accordance with the Solar calendar (which always starts at the beginning of February), the energy starts changing a bit earlier – typically at the end of December (this was also around the time when the virus first emerged).

In Feng Shui, global problems like pandemics, wars, recessions, tsunamis, etc., are typically related to the influence of one Flying Star, also known as Wu Huang or Star 5.

Feng Shui vs. Corona

When looking at global problems from a Feng Shui standpoint, we primarily pay attention to the annual location of the Wu Huang Star – but we also follow its monthly locations to understand smaller shifts of energy. In 2020, the notorious Wu Huang Star resides in the East, where the Coronavirus pandemic actually emerged for the first time (China = east).

However, although this Star’s annual location is of utmost importance for understanding its influence on global affairs, we also follow Star 5’s monthly travels (it changes its location every Solar month). Its annual location affect us in the long-term, while its monthly locations influence us in the short-term. When its annual and monthly position coincides, especially in times of pandemic or crises, this is a very specific month in terms of Feng Shui. For example, Wu Huang Star 5 became very strong in March, when its monthly location coincided with its annual location – East. This strong energy in East fueled the spread of the pandemic in March; unfortunately, we will have the same situation again in December, although the strength of #5 will be significantly decreased at that time. Also, when Star 5 entered Southwest in February, the virus spread fiercely through Italy and Spain (Southwest of Europe).

Feng Shui for 2020
Feng Shui chart for 2020


What is so specific about Wu Huang’s position in East during 2020?

Firstly, the host (East) and the guest (Wu Huang Star) represent two opposing Elements.

Since the Elements of the East (Wood) and Wu Huang Star (Earth) tend to fight, this creates a very strong friction that typically causes wars, big natural catastrophes, or pandemics.

Secondly, the basic nature of both the host and the guest is very STRONG, announcing a heavy fight (big issues).

Minding that Stars arrive in the same position every 9th year, one may ask how this placement in 2020 is different from previous ones. The answer is simple: what makes this situation DIFFERENT from every other is the Chinese astrology chart for 2020.

This chart points to WHAT may happen, then Feng Shui tells us WHERE and WHEN the epicenter will be.


Who should be more careful in April and May?

Regarding the home’s Feng Shui and its main features, residents of properties with the front door in Southeast should be more cautious in April (fierce hygiene, more Vitamin C, Beta Glucans, etc.)

Another important piece of advice for everyone is to not sleep in Southeast or North in April, which is especially important for those over 60, but also all tired individuals and those with chronic illnesses.

In May, the same advice should be applied to Southwest.

Feng Shui vs. Corona


How to protect ourselves during the pandemic (via Feng Shui)?

Sleep in locations that support health (read more in our monthly Feng Shui posts).

To strengthen your health and/or speed of recovery in April, sleep in  West or Northeast.

  • Please mind that due West is not an ideal location or direction for those with Rabbit in their Ba Zi chart, while Northeast 3 is not for those with Monkey in their chart.


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