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Feng Shui special locations in 2021 (2)

Feng Shui special locations in 2021 (2)


Besides the aforementioned four special locations, also known as the “four kings of annual activation”, there are also some other locations we can activate in order to trigger  specific types of luck.

The other beneficial locations that can bring specific types of luck in 2021 are:

  • Northeast 3 (Nobleman Star)

  • North 2 (Intelligence Star)

  • South 2 (Peach Blossom Star)

  • Northwest 3 (Sky Horse Star)

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Feng Shui special locations in 2021

If you read the previous post about the four special locations in 2021, you have learned that Northeast 3 is one of them. However, now you know that by activating Northeast 3 it is possible to accomplish two goals with only one activation (the Tai Yang Star, plus the  Nobleman Star). In such a way, you can send a strong invitation for helpful people, good advice and smart guidance to enter your life.

To activate South 2 and awaken the Peach Blossom Star (that governs romance, art and personal attraction), use fire. This Star can help not only your social encounters, but can also bring more opportunities to date and advance in any kind of business that requires the acquiring fans and increasing popularity.

When it comes to activating Northwest 3, this will prove especially beneficial for those who want to travel more and lead an active life!


  • Make sure to read the following post to learn more what activation is really about.


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