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Feng Shui Southwest 2019

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slowing down


Residents of the properties with the main entrance in Southwest will be under the major influence of the Star 5, which typically brings delays and hardship. Being the messenger of slowing down and obstacles, this Star may affect the overall development in this household, affecting especially the elderly females.

To calm the turbulent energy of the Star 5, place a so-called ‘’salt cure’’ in the Southwest of the property before the arrival of the Pig year, which starts at the beginning of February 2019 (this is essential when it comes to properties housing the main entrance in Southwest).


It is also important to note that renovations in the Southwest of the property should be avoided throughout 2019, as these could aggravate the Star 5, which can in turn face the occupants with difficulties, unexpected development and halts.


When it comes to sleeping in Southwest, elderly, pregnant women and everyone with sensitive health is advised to avoid sleeping in this location during 2019. In addition, facing Southwest is not an ideal direction either for sleeping – or desk facing, because the Star 5 can negatively affect both the health and business success. Regarding the twelve Zodiac signs and Feng Shui, those born in the Snake year, month, day or hour should definitely avoid spending long hours in Southwest throughout 2019.


  • The auspicious Fu De Star resides in SW3 in 2019, and if the Star 5 was not here, you could connect with Fu De Star, to tap into happiness and fulfillment. However, since Star 5 also resides in the same area, it is better not to activate this area in 2019.

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