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Feng Shui South 2019

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South 2019



Shining bright


If your main entrance is in South, then you should expect a very active year. Although the Star 3, which resides in South in 2019, has a very strong and challenging nature, it can still do many goods for the residents of this property. For example, it can bring more energy and enthusiasm to the household, as it can also usher help and support.


In such a way, the South in 2019 becomes an ideal location for those who want a life that is more active and sleeping or spending time in South can help you to connect with this energy. However, if you’re already tense and nervous, spending long hours and/or sleeping in South can make you more irritable, so do pay attention to this information and change the location of your bad accordingly.

The tip for those who want to get the most out of the South in 2019 (more energy and enthusiasm), without becoming irritable, is that they should just spend a while there on a daily basis (you can sit in South to read a book, as you can watch Netflix or work on your laptop there).


Wealth-wise, if your business needs a boost, definitely consider moving your desk into South. To connect with this energy, to raise your efficiency and promote your business, sit in South, pick your best direction … and take off! In 2019, facing South is also an excellent direction for artists, students and all those in search for inspiration, mentorship or guidance.


*Since South 2 is also the annual location of the wealth star Long De, Spend time here or move your desk to South 2 in order to improve your wealth luck!

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