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Feng Shui vs. romance in 2021

Feng Shui vs. romance in 2021

When it comes to romance, 2021 brings a couple of interesting locations:

– South

– East

Feng Shui vs. romance in 2021
Feng Shui vs. romance in 2021

The king (or queen) of all romantic locations is definitely the South.

This a great area for everyone who wants to find their match or add passion to their love life. If you dream of a relationship or marriage, you can’t go wrong if you sleep in the southern part of your home, or spend time there on a daily basis. You can also activate the South on certain auspicious days, because this will quickly trigger its energy.

However, be aware that South is also the location where energy is volatile and where the Elements of Fire and Water tend to fight, as well as to unite. Therefore, when using South just be prepared to deal with changes and numerous ups and downs.  

The second location that can benefit your love life is – East.

Since East is auspicious for both social life and romance, sleep here and/or spend time here in order to go out more and find opportunities.

For single males, an additional opportunity arises with the use of Southeast. However, to take advantage of the Southeast and ultimately find a strong female, your heart has to be strong and you must be ready for an unexpected turn out of events.

When it comes to single females, using Southwest and/or North can bring opportunities for relationships and marriage. Southwest is ideal for adult females who want to find a strong (or younger) male and enjoy a relationship. On the other hand, the North is more convenient for those seeking a gentle relationship and understanding.

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