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Feng Shui Questions and Answers – all you need to know!

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What is the relationship between Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology?

Chinese Astrology Ba Zi is a useful tool that might help Feng Shui practitioner to see the overall Elemental balance in the client’s Destiny.

Although it is not considered as an integral part of Feng Shui, it can help in finding the best site, designing the property and making the best possible internal set up for certain individual.

Most importantly, it can aid in choosing the best possible locations and personal directions for certain individuals.


How hard is to determine the Facing side of the property?

The Facing side is the most Yang (active) side of the property.

The Facing Side can be the side with the broadest and/or the most interesting and unobstructed view.

It can be beside water, a busy street, an intersection etc.

It may coincide with the longest side of the building and it may encompass the Main Entrance.


Feng Shui Questions Answers
Feng Shui Questions Answers / Image by Analogicus


What type of building should we avoid when selecting an ideal home?

Basically, we prefer regular shapes, for having missing sectors and/or extension might sometimes make people’s life and business very complicated.

Then, we would like to have some free space around property (for Qi to collect).

Therefore any premises that are squeezed between two larger buildings are to be avoided.

Buildings situated below a road, close to substations and facing a long corridor or a gap between two buildings are also not the best options, as those facing a sharp edge of the other building.

Building being in the shadow of the other huge building is also not our ideal choice.

Especially if  followed by the property being at the end of the cul-de-sac and the one that stands all alone (isolated).


What is the importance of water in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, water is related to people’s intelligence and wealth.
However, not every water body is favorable, for we don’t want it to run against the property and we don’t want it to be ether too shallow or deep, dirty, too fast or straightforward.

We also don’t want to have water in the passive areas of the current period, for it would negatively affect people’s health and relationships.

Water placement is a very demanding Feng Shui job, although it might be a powerful wealth generating tool.


Feng Shui Questions Answers
Feng Shui Questions Answers / Image by Simon H. on Pixabay


What is the relationship between health and Feng Shui?

Feng Shui wise, people’s health is mostly related to the location of their bedroom and kitchen, followed by their sleeping directions and stove placement.

Sometimes it is really very easy to make people feel better, have more energy and vitality by simply moving their bed into another location within the same room and – or turning their bed into more favorable direction.

The other time, moving stove a few feet away or changing its facing direction might also show instant improvements.


Can we use Feng Shui to enhance our love life?

Your bedroom talks a lot about your love life, together with your bed placement and sleeping direction.

When it comes to relationships and love, first thing that we do is to alter sleeping direction and check bedroom door direction.

Then we could discuss what else can be done in order to enhance that aspect of life.

Sometimes, if person is willing to experiment, we can suggest placing water in her Peach Blossom area; this method is actually based on her DOB – Four Pillars Chinese astrology chart.


Can we use Feng Shui to enhance our career and wealth?

For career and wealth assessment, we are primarily interested in main door location/direction.

Also, these are followed by office/studio door placement and person’s desk placement and facing.

Later on, we can consider using water (placing external water that can quickly move things and attract wealth).

Or applying more subtle Feng Shui methods.

However, in apartments and studios we can easily apply Xuan Kong Da Gua for fine tuning of the desk placement.

We usually strive towards finding a good facing Hexagram for the person, that matches their Four Pillars and desk placement.

Feng Shui Questions Answers
Feng Shui Questions Answers/Image by jdpereiro on Pixabay


Can I move the Qi with a three-legged frog or a dragon figure?

In Classical Feng Shui we are not so interested in symbols, because they can’t really move the Qi.

Instead, we strive towards moving Qi in a big way.

Primarily in the environment (external water, adequate property placement).

If we can not take care of the smooth Qi flow from the scratch we are moving Qi for people by instructing them how to use locations and personal directions for important activities (sleeping, cooking, working).


What about Feng Shui activations, are they really so effective?

Activations were always the essential part of Classical Feng Shui practice, though not on such a scale as today.

We may say that `activation` is a common term for different procedures related to certain time and location.

Sometimes, activations might be just time-location related.

The most popular one is Long De activation, supposedly bringing good wealth luck.

The best type of activations are the ones specially designed to suit certain people and their objectives.


What happens after Feng Shui consultation, is there anything else to do?

Consultation provides you with information that are sufficient for you to make the most out of your property and your personal good directions.

All this information is lasting but the instructions might be altered upon the entrance of the new period, from 2024.

We may suggest regular annual check-up for our clients because certain years might bring hardship.

Especially when bad stars transit over the main entrance, bedroom or office…


For Feng Shui Consultation inquiry, please send an e-mail containing basic information about your property, the number of residents/employees, consultation type and a short description of the business.

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feng shui questions answers

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