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Feng Shui Northwest 2019

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Northwest 2019


Northwest 2019

optimism & discipline


For those having a main entrance in Northwest, the year of 2019 may improve their moods and increase the energy – tough these improvements will also come with more pressure.

Accordingly, the eldest male in this household – or the breadwinner – may feel pressured to fulfill many expectations (although he will also feel more energetic and livelier). In 2019, sleeping and spending time in Northwest is also good for those who want to become more disciplined and who want to change the life style, start a diet, etc.


Business and finance-wise, Northwest is auspicious for those who think expansion, as it can benefit those who crave public attention and fame. To connect with this energy and create opportunities, work form the Northwest, or place your desk in the Northwest area of your office.


When it comes to relationship luck, spending time – or sleeping – in Northwest is favorable for females, hence those in search for relationship opportunities might want to move their bed to the Northwest room – or the Northwest of their bedroom.


* Please be careful when it comes to using NW3, because this area is the seat of Tai Sui. Thus, it is not suitable for renovations, as it is not a good facing direction.

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