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Feng Shui Northeast 2019

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Northeast 2019


Northeast 2019

health & properties

The residents of the properties with main entrance in Northeast should expect a mixed luck in 2019.


The good news is that their people luck is going to improve, and that they will find allies and help more easily. In addition, singles who live in these properties will have more opportunities to go out and date. Regarding those who want to improve their relationship luck, but who live in other type of properties (other than those with the main entrance in Northeast), they could move their bed to the Northeast of their bedroom – but only if they are healthy.


The bad news regarding Northeast is that elderly, pregnant women and those with sensitive health should better avoid sleeping here. In addition, individuals living in properties with the main entrance in Northeast and those sleeping in the Northeast location of their bedroom should pay attention to their health, as they should work more on improving their immunity in 2019.


When it comes to the wealth luck of those living or working in Northeast properties, it will be good, especially properties-wise. If low flat mountain lies in Northeast of their property, their wealth opportunities may be even greater. Business-wise, in order to expand, find support and/or associates, move your desk to the Northeast of your office.


* A very auspicious Tai Yin Star resides in NE3 during the year of 2019. In order to benefit from its wonderful energy, move your bed to NE3 (works well for relationships) or place your desk here (this star promotes entrepreneurs and their business).

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